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Week ahead - September 30, 2016
Plenty of dry weather
Generally warm

Issued: 0930hrs Friday 30th September 2016
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Some heavy rain Scotland & Ireland

A cool and unsettled Saturday across central areas, but improving markedly by Sunday, although it will be chilly overnight. Into next week, many areas will be dry, sunny and warm, although some heavy rain affects Ireland & Scotland early week.

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Monday 03/10/16
High pressure centred over Scandinavia, and slow-moving fronts located to the west of Britain. Dry and bright for England, Wales & eastern Scotland. Starting cool with early mist patches. Plenty of sunshine in the south & east. Thicker cloud in the west, and Ireland is likely to see persistent heavy rain, also grazing western Scotland. A brisk southerly breeze, strongest in the west. Generally very mild, warmest in south-east, 15 to 19C.

Tuesday 04/10/16
A continued southerly pattern. Fronts are likely to remain across the far west & north-west, bringing persistent rain to Scotland and Ireland, some heavy falls over south-facing hills. Patchy rain may extend onto western coasts of England & Wales. Meanwhile, central, southern & eastern Britain stay dry and quite warm. Best sunshine toward the south-east. Generally mild, highs 14 to 17C north, 18 to 20C south.

Wednesday 05/10/16
Fronts are likely to pull away northwards, so rain will clear from Scotland. High pressure remains over Scandinavia, and a continued southerly flow affects the British Isles, bringing plenty of dry and bright weather. Low pressure and fronts over the Atlantic may thicken cloud in the west later. A brisk southerly breeze. Pleasantly warm, afternoon highs 16 to 18C north, 19 to 22C south.

Thursday 06/10/16
High pressure remains to the east of Britain. Fair weather for many. Low pressure centred near Iceland may trail fronts back across north-western Scotland & Ireland, bringing some rain. Breezy in the north. Generally warm, 16 to 21C.

Friday 07/10/16
Dry and warm weather is likely to continue for many, although fronts toward the far west & north-west threaten some rain in Scotland & Northern Ireland. Highs 16 to 20C.

Saturday 08/10/16
A very similar weather pattern is likely. High pressure toward the east brings plenty of fair weather. Some rain in the far north-west. Early mist. Highs 15 to 19C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa, 01.10. cloudy, rain 11° - 16° 80%
Su, 02.10. mostly sunny 13° - 18° 80%
Mo, 03.10. various clouds, light rain 14° - 19° 80%
Tu, 04.10. various clouds, rain 14° - 20° 75%
We, 05.10. mostly sunny 16° - 22° 70%
Th, 06.10. mostly sunny 16° - 21° 70%
Fr, 07.10. mostly sunny 16° - 20° 60%
Sa, 08.10. mostly sunny 15° - 19° 50%
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