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Week ahead - January 07, 2018
Occasional rain
Some frost

Issued: 1000hrs Sunday 7th January 2018
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Temperatures rising slowly; southerly winds strengthening

Conditions will be rather mixed through this week. In central & eastern England, it should stay largely dry, with some frost and fog. Toward the west & north, expect some rain at times, or snow over the hills. Temperatures near to average for many, perhaps becoming milder from the west toward the weekend.

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Wednesday 10/01/18
A broad trough of low pressure influences the British Isles and a front passes north-eastwards. This brings a fragmenting zone of rain, or hill snow in Scotland and northern England, which may persist in southern & eastern Scotland. Brighter spells follow across central England & Wales. Clusters of showers move into the west & south-west, some heavy bursts. Winds southeast turning southwesterly, mostly light. Highs 3 to 9C, mildest south-west.

Thursday 11/01/18
A ridge of high pressure builds from the west. Starting frosty in some areas where skies cleared overnight. Local mist patches. A largely bright day with sunny spells. Showery toward north-west Scotland, and a few residual showers are possible in the far south of Britain. Risk of gusty winds around the English Channel. Temperatures near to average, highs 4 to 8C.

Friday 12/01/18
High pressure lies to the east of Britain. A strengthening southerly wind in western areas ahead of a frontal system which is likely to encroach into Ireland from the west. Most of Britain will stay dry with sunshine. Thickening cloud in the west & south-west, perhaps a little drizzle toward Cornwall. Starting frosty in central and eastern areas, possible fog. Highs 4 to 8C.

Saturday 13/01/18
A front is expected to moves further across Ireland into western Britain, although some uncertainty about its progress eastwards. Brisk southerly winds. A risk of heavy rain for much of western Britain, also Northern Ireland. Eastern Britain may escape dry. A lot of cloud, and rather cool in the east. Milder toward the west. Highs ranging from 4 to 10C.

Sunday 14/01/18
Confidence of detail is quite low. Areas of rain or showers, probably focused on western areas. A south to southwesterly breeze, perhaps ushering milder air across the country. Highs 5 to 10C.

Monday 15/01/18
A cold front may pass eastwards, bringing a spell of rain followed by showers. Brighter skies developing. Fairly mild, cooler later. Highs 5 to 10C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Mo, 08.01. various clouds  -  90%
Tu, 09.01. cloudy, light rain  - 10° 80%
We, 10.01. cloudy, rain  -  70%
Th, 11.01. various clouds, light rain  -  60%
Fr, 12.01. various clouds  -  50%
Sa, 13.01. cloudy, rain  - 10° 40%
Su, 14.01. cloudy, light rain  - 10° 30%
Mo, 15.01. various clouds, light rain  - 10° 20%