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Week ahead - November 01, 2016
Cold northerly winds
Sunshine and showers

Issued: 0900hrs Tuesday 1st November 2016
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Snow over northern hills

A much cooler weather pattern compared to recent times as frequent northerly winds set in. Temperatures dropping below average for early November. Showers developing, most frequent north & east, turning wintry over hills.

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Friday 04/11/16
Low pressure centred over the northern North Sea brings a cool and showery day. Showers most frequent in the west and north, wintry over the mountains. Risk of band of showers also extending across central areas of England & Wales. Mostly cloudy. Occasional sun in eastern counties. A cool breeze. Temperatures between 8 and 13C.

Saturday 05/11/16
A cold northerly wind across the country as low pressure edges south over the North Sea. Clusters of showers will spread from the north, most frequent along eastern coasts, possible hail. Snow over northern hills, may fall to increasingly low levels in Scotland. Often cloudy, a little sun in central-southern areas. Temperatures just 7 to 10C.

Sunday 06/11/16
A northerly wind continues. Showers frequent around coasts in the east & north-east, risk of hail. A few bands of showers may also clip Irish Sea coasts. Mainly dry inland, with a good amount of bright sunshine and very clear air. Frosty overnight in sheltered spots. Temperatures only 6 to 9C, but feeling close to freezing in the wind.

Monday 07/11/16
A similar cold northerly pattern influences the country. Showers most frequent in the east, possible hail. Bands of showers or more organised rain may affect Ireland and western Britain, although detail uncertain. Some sunshine. Frost in the morning where skies remained clear overnight. Highs 7 to 10C.

Tuesday 08/11/16
Pressure is expected to build slowly from the north-west, maintaining a chilly pattern. North-easterly winds will bring showers in to south-eastern regions. Mainly dry elsewhere with sunshine. Starting frosty, particularly in north. Highs 7 to 10C.

Wednesday 09/11/16
Dry for most places as high pressure resides across the country. Risk of showers around coasts in the south-east. A frosty start for many. Plenty of sunshine. Staying cool, 7 to 11C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
We, 02.11. various clouds, light rain  - 11° 90%
Th, 03.11. cloudy, light rain  - 11° 80%
Fr, 04.11. cloudy, rain  - 13° 80%
Sa, 05.11. various clouds, sleet  - 10° 70%
Su, 06.11. various clouds, light sleet  -  60%
Mo, 07.11. cloudy, light rain  - 10° 60%
Tu, 08.11. various clouds, light rain  - 10° 50%
We, 09.11. various clouds, light rain  - 11° 40%