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Week ahead - June 01, 2018
Mostly dry early June
Warmest in west

Issued: 1000hrs Friday 1st June 2018
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Showers becoming scarce, lots of sunshine

June begins with humid and thundery conditions, but the week ahead will bring plenty of dry, warm and sunny weather. An east to north-easterly breeze will keep North Sea coasts cool and dull at times, with the best of the sunshine typically toward the west. Things may start to break down heading toward mid-June.

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Monday 04/06/18
High pressure centred north of Britain produces a general east to north-easterly flow. Winds mostly light, but fresh around some southern and eastern coasts. Fairly cloudy skies, especially central and eastern regions, whilst sunshine should break through widely in western areas. Chance of localised showers, probably focused on the hills of Wales, and also across Ireland. Temperatures ranging from 13C on the east coast, to 19 to 23C inland and toward west.

Tuesday 05/06/18
High pressure stays to the north. An ongoing easterly breeze, fresh along southern coasts. Largely dry with plenty of sunshine, best in the west, whilst some eastern coasts may hold onto banks of low cloud. Small chance of a local shower in the west. Feeling cool on North Sea coasts, only 13C, whilst central areas will reach 18 to 20C, and sheltered western spots will be nearer 23C.

Wednesday 06/06/18
High pressure begins to drift a little further eastwards, but maintains a prevailing easterly flow. The strongest breeze across southern coastal districts. Some murk on eastern coasts, otherwise lots of strong sunshine. Dry overall. A familiar east to west contrast in temperaturs, from 13C on eastern coasts, up to 23C to the lee of high ground in the west.

Thursday 07/06/18
Broadly high pressure stays in charge. Dry overall, although a possibility of local showers popping up locally, likely focused on Scotland and Ireland, but very should be very isolated. Sunny skies for most places. Light winds and coastal sea breezes. Highs 19 to 24C for many, cooler on eastern coasts.

Friday 08/06/18
Things may begin to change by the end of the week as the high subsides away to the east. Fronts may begin to encroach in from the Atlantic, bringing thickening cloud and a risk of patchy rain to the west & north-west. Highs 18 to 24C.

Saturday 09/06/18
Slack pressure may result in slow-moving showers breaking out, although many places may escape dry. Broken cloud and some sunshine. Highs 18 to 25C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa, 02.06. various clouds, heavy showers and thunderstorms 16° - 24° 90%
Su, 03.06. various clouds, light rain 17° - 26° 80%
Mo, 04.06. various clouds 13° - 23° 70%
Tu, 05.06. mostly sunny 13° - 22° 70%
We, 06.06. mostly sunny 13° - 23° 60%
Th, 07.06. mostly sunny 14° - 24° 60%
Fr, 08.06. various clouds, light rain 14° - 24° 50%
Sa, 09.06. various clouds, light rain 14° - 25° 40%
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