Week ahead - May 08, 2024
Mostly dry bright up to the weekend.
Showers from Monday onwards.

High pressure with dry weather, but unsettled from next week.

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Saturday 08/05/2024
A southeasterly wind will bring mostly dry conditions in the morning across the British Isles with plenty of warm sunshine. In the afternoon expect a few showers to develop over land, this time over northern parts of England and southern Scotland. Ireland will remain mostly dry. In the afternoon the temperature will easily climb up to 18-20C for most parts.

Sunday 09/05/2024
It will a mostly dry and sunny morning for most areas. Though the latter part of the morning and through the afternoon expect showers to develop mostly over land, a few showers may be on the heavy side. Becoming drier in the evening. Maximum temperatures at 20C in north and possibly 22C in south.


Monday 10/05/2024
An approaching area of low pressure will bring unstable airmass over the British Isles with shower or longer spells of rain, this possibly heavy in places. It will be drier towards the east coast. Afternoon temperatures at 20-22C in east, but up to 15C in west where cloud will be thicker.


Tuesday 11/05/2024
Another fairly unsettled day with showers or longer spells of rain, these more frequent and possibly heavy in central and western areas, with drier condition towards the east coast. Maximum temperatures at 17-18C in east but 11-12C in west.


Wednesday 12/05/2024
A mostly dry and bright morning but then showers will develop, more frequent and possibly heavy in west. Drier further east. Breezy with tops of 15C in north and west, but 20C in south and east.


Thursday 13/05/2024
As low pressure will gradually move away to the west, even though there will be showers on Thursday, it is possible to be less in number and lighter in nature especially through the latter part of the day. Maximums of 15-17C for most parts.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Th,09.05. various clouds  - 20° 95%
Fr,10.05. various clouds  - 21° 90%
Sa,11.05. various clouds  - 20° 85%
Su,12.05. various clouds 10° - 22° 85%
Mo,13.05. various clouds, rain  - 22° 80%
Tu,14.05. various clouds, heavy rain  - 18° 75%
We,15.05. various clouds, heavy rain  - 20° 75%
Th,16.05. various clouds, heavy rain  - 17° 75%
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