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Week ahead - September 10, 2021
Cooler than of late

Issued: 1000hrs Friday 10th September 2021
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Mixed with showers and perhaps heavier rain. Dry days too.

Rather mixed to at times unsettled weather pattern coming up. A couple of drier days to be had but one or two days seeing spells of heavy rain for some areas. Temperatures will be up and down too but overall around or above average, other than a couple chillier nights and days earlier on in the north.

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Monday 13/9/21
A cool start for many northern areas again with the potential for some low-lying fog for a time. Cloud further south will push northwards as rain is expected to spread north and eastwards across the UK. Heavy rain through parts of Ireland into Northern Ireland and some western regions of Britain. Staying dry though across the far north of Scotland and across southeast England. Potentially a chilly day further north with highs here around 15C, warmest towards the southeast with tops here at 22C.

Tuesday 14/9/21
Lower pressure generally looking to dominate on Tuesday with scattered showers about, although fewer showers and better sunny spells across England and Wales compared to further north. A warmer day too with highs around 16 to 24C.


Wednesday 15/9/21
Low pressure pushes eastwards and high pressure ridges in from the west on Wednesday. Largely dry and sunny weather for Ireland, Northern Ireland, parts of Scotland and western regions of Wales and England. However, spells of rain, perhaps heavy and persistent for some, will affect eastern and central parts of England in particular. Northern Scotland too may see more persistent spells of rain. Highs at 17 to 22C.

Thursday 16/9/21
The ridge of higher pressure, albeit brief, will alow for mainly dry conditions on Thursday, although Atlantic low pressure will push a band of rain across Ireland and Northern Ireland before reaching western parts of Britain by the end of the day. A milder south-westerly wind picks up too. Highs at 17 to 22C.

Friday 17/9/21
The band of rain will continue to track east across the UK through the day bringing spells of heavy rain for a time before clearing to drier and brighter conditions. Staying blustery though, particularly further west where sunny spells and showers are generally expected. A cooler and fresher feel with highs at around 14C further north and 20 to 21C further southeast.

Saturday 18/9/21
A breezy day with sunny spells and scattered showers, but plenty of dry conditions too. Fresher still across eastern and southeastern areas with highs between 15 to 19C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa, 11.09. various clouds, light rain 16° - 24° 90%
Su, 12.09. various clouds 15° - 23° 80%
Mo, 13.09. cloudy, heavy rain 15° - 22° 70%
Tu, 14.09. various clouds, rain 16° - 24° 60%
We, 15.09. various clouds, heavy rain 17° - 22° 50%
Th, 16.09. various clouds 17° - 22° 45%
Fr, 17.09. cloudy, rain 14° - 20° 40%
Sa, 18.09. various clouds, light rain 15° - 19° 40%
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