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Week ahead - November 05, 2017
Mixed conditions
Rain at times

Issued: 1000 Sunday 5 November 2017
Duty forecaster: John Ejdowski

Mildest south, coldest north

We can expect rather mixed weather conditions through the upcoming week with rain coming in at times as fronts work their way east as high pressure recedes. The south will be the driest and mildest.

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Wednesday 08/11/17
Expect rain into Northern Ireland and western Scotland in the afternoon. For England and Wales it's a dry day with sunny spells after slow clearance of morning, dense fog patches. Apart from patchy rain in the far west, it looks dry overnight with fog patches and a frost in the south. Expect highs of 8 to 10C.

Thursday 09/11/17
It looks milder, more so in the north where it will be windy. Patchy rain affects northern Scotland. Fairly cloudy for most but dry. Sunniest across the south east. Very windy in the north with rain across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Expect highs of 10 to 14C.

Friday 10/11/17
It continues mild and windy with rain across Northern Ireland and Scotland weakening and becoming patchy as it spreads southward. At present, rain is expected to affect northern Britain overnight. Look for highs of 11 to 14C.


Saturday 11/11/17
Another mild, windy day to come across Britain. The far south of England may stay dry but elsewhere it appears wet with spells of rain, heavy across Scotland. Mainly dry for most overnight. Expect highs of 12 to 14C.


Sunday 12/11/17
Today temperatures are cooler in the north but still mild in the south. Mainly fair and dry with the best of the sunshine across northern areas. Rain spreads into northern parts overnight. Expect highs of 8 to 12C.

Monday 13/11/17
An area of rain across southern England will be clearing in the afternoon. A number of showers are likely across western parts of Britain today and quite windy in the west. Fair and dry elsewhere. Look for highs of 7 to 12C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Mo, 06.11. various clouds  - 11° 90%
Tu, 07.11. cloudy, heavy rain  - 11° 80%
We, 08.11. various clouds  - 10° 70%
Th, 09.11. various clouds 10° - 14° 60%
Fr, 10.11. cloudy, light rain 11° - 14° 50%
Sa, 11.11. cloudy, heavy rain 12° - 14° 40%
Su, 12.11. various clouds  - 12° 40%
Mo, 13.11. cloudy, heavy rain  - 12° 30%