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Week ahead - February 10, 2019
Mild this week
Wet and windy at times in the northwest

Issued: 0930hrs Sunday 10th February 2019
Duty forecaster: Claire Darbinyan

Temperatures will rise through the week across the country

As high pressure builds over Europe, the UK and Ireland come into a mild southerly air flow which will allow temperatures to build through until next weekend. Occasional fronts will bring wet and windy weather at times to northern and western areas; drier and brighter in the southeast. Early morning frosts will become less common as the week goes on and fog will become an increasing risk.

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Wednesday 13/02/19
Milder air extends widely across the British Isles on south to southwesterly winds. Blustery in the north and northwest. Lighter winds toward the southeast may result in fog patches in the morning. Dry for most, with variable cloud and some sun. Patchy drizzly rain for western Scotland and western parts of Ireland. Temperatures reaching 9 to 11C, locally a degree or so higher to the lee of high ground.

Thursday 14/02/19
High pressure over central Europe maintains a southerly airflow across the British Isles. Generally dry and mild. Slight frost in the morning, and some stubborn fog patches in low-lying areas, which may lift into low cloud. Some sunshine breaking through, perhaps a good deal of sunshine for many places. Feeling milder, with highs of 8 to 12C, and possibly reaching as high as 14C in favoured spots to the north of high ground in Wales and Scotland.

Friday 15/02/19
Little overall change, with a mild southerly airflow prevailing. Weak fronts may move into the far west, bringing patchy rain to Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Most of Britain should be dry with sunshine. A risk of some fog and low cloud. A mild breeze. High temperatures at 9 to 13C.

Saturday 16/02/19
Weak fronts may topple across northern and western areas, bringing more cloud and small amounts of rain to Ireland, Scotland and western parts of Wales and England. Many places should stay dry, with mild air prevailing. Temperatures at 9 to 14C.

Sunday 17/02/19
Some uncertainty of detail, but a trough may stall across the country bringing prolonged rain to parts of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and northwest England. Cooler to the northwest, staying milder and dry in the southeast. Highs at 7 to 13C.

Monday 18/02/19
A trough may move slowly to the southeast through the morning leaving a cooler but dry and bright day in its wake. Wintry showers are possible. High temperatures at 4 to 10C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Mo, 11.02. mostly sunny  -  90%
Tu, 12.02. various clouds, light rain  - 11° 85%
We, 13.02. various clouds  - 11° 80%
Th, 14.02. mostly sunny  - 12° 70%
Fr, 15.02. various clouds, rain  - 13° 60%
Sa, 16.02. cloudy  - 14° 60%
Su, 17.02. cloudy, rain  - 13° 50%
Mo, 18.02. various clouds, light sleet  - 10° 40%
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