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Week ahead - August 11, 2019
Low pressure dominates
Unsettled conditions

Issued: 0900hrs Sunday 11th August 2019
Duty forecaster: Claire Darbinyan

Changeable weather conditions continue for British Isles

An unsettled weather pattern continues through the middle of August as a series of Atlantic lows continue to affect the British Isles. Periods of heavy rain, showers and strong winds. Temperatures on the cool side as winds from the west to northwest prevail.

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Wednesday 14/08/19
Lower pressure to the west continues to dominate the weather across the British Isles through the mid-week period. Frontal systems bring heavy bursts of rain to southern Ireland, Wales, central and northern England and western parts of Scotland. Scattered showers follow to the west behind the main band of rain for Ireland, England and Wales. A drier day for northeastern Scotland. Breezy for the southern UK. High temperatures at 14 to 21C.

Thursday 15/08/19
Pressure stays low to the northeast of the British Isles on Thursday. Conditions staying rather cloudy or overcast for most while fronts will bring bands of showery rain spreading from west to east across the country. There will be some heavy, thundery bursts at times. Showers easing through the afternoon leaving a drier end to the day for most. High temperatures at 15 to 20C.

Friday 16/08/19
High pressure briefly builds over the eastern UK bringing short-lived dry weather before the next Atlantic low moves in. Strong winds and heavy rain spreading across Ireland and into the western UK through the morning then across northern areas through the afternoon. Southeastern parts of England should stay dry until the evening. High temperatures of 14 to 21C.

Saturday 17/08/19
Continuing very windy with frequent showers and outbreaks of rain across the British Isles as low pressure stays to the northwest. Showers mainly concentrated on western and northern areas. Sunny spells developing between the showers over Ireland, England and eastern Wales. High temperatures at 15 to 21C.

Sunday 18/08/19
Low pressure stays close by to the northwest on Sunday bringing continued strong winds across much of the UK and Ireland. Frequent showers affecting Northern Ireland, Scotland, northern England and western parts of Ireland and Wales. Drier to the southeast. Highs at 13 to 19C.

Monday 19/08/19
Early indications suggest that low pressure will remain to the northwest bringing high winds and outbreaks of rain and showers. Rain heaviest for western Scotland. Drier and brighter for Ireland and southeast England. High temperatures at 13 to 20C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Mo, 12.08. various clouds, light rain 14° - 20° 90%
Tu, 13.08. various clouds, light rain 14° - 19° 80%
We, 14.08. various clouds, rain 14° - 21° 70%
Th, 15.08. various clouds, rain 15° - 20° 60%
Fr, 16.08. cloudy, rain 14° - 21° 50%
Sa, 17.08. various clouds, rain 15° - 21° 50%
Su, 18.08. cloudy, rain 13° - 19° 40%
Mo, 19.08. various clouds, rain 13° - 20° 40%
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