Week ahead - December 01, 2023
Likely less cold mid-week onwards
Changeable often stormy

Remaining cold, snow with rain prolonged and often heavy

A slow change to a less cold period as Easterly flow changes to southwesterly due to developing depressions of the Atlantic try to make progress across England and Wales. Prolonged periods of snow are likely of all areas with rain following.

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Monday 04/12/2023
Severe and persitent frost for Scotland and most of northern England temperatures -8C to -4C. Also dry and mostly sunny temperatures briefly 2C during the afternoon. Frost early evening though temperautres likely to rise slowly overnight as cloud and wind increase especially for norther England. Elsewhere for England and Wales cloudy, freshening east to northeast wind, with a mix of snow and rain prolonged and often heavy particuarly with height for most of Wales, west, southwest,southern England, Midlands throug the morning, moving to northern England during the evening. Temperaures 1 to 2C for most though 3-5C for Devon and Cornwall. Snow, likely prolonged and heavy will continue overnight for northern England and southwest Scotland.

Tuesday 05/12/2023
With a depresion tracking eastwards across the Channel, a mix of snow and rain will affect eastern counties of England and southeast Scotland though the morning from Tayside to Kent and to Hampshire. Remaining cold with a fresh east to northeast wind. Temperatures -1C to +2C Elsewhere for Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England scattered showers mainly of rain though snow at times and with height, staying cold temperatures 3 to 4C. Frost and fog through the evening and overnight especially where there is a snow cover, temperatures -3C to +3C.

Wednesday 06/12/2023
Frost and fog persisting during the morning for Scotland and northern England with some sunshine, cold, temperatures below 0C across northern England Humber to Mersey. South and Eastern England, Midlands, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland cloudy through the morning and into the afternoon, rain for southwest and southern England and Wales with snow height Midlands north and east will become heavy and prolonged, temperartures 3 to 4C in south, 0C to 2C Midlands and 0C eastwards. Rain and snow also for Northern Ireland and southwest Scotland. Rain will then continue into the Midlands, moving north and eastwards during the afternoon and evening with snow now over central Scotland. Temperatures will rise then steady with rain 3-5C by evening.

Thursday 07/12/2023
Cloudy for most with temperatures now mostly above 0C, fog will occur where there is a snow cover in Scotland and northern England. Rain, prolonged and often heavy will move from southwest England and Wales, across the Midlands into northwest and northeast England during the day. Northern Ireland and Scotland cloudy with prolonged often heavy rainfall. Winds will be fresh to strong andcoastal gales south to southwest,temperatures rising steadily 5-7C in southern England, 3-6C Midlands northwards. Fog and low cloud where snow cover remains.

Friday 08/12/2023
Pressure remains low over the British Isles with centres Northern Ireland to mid North Sea. A cloudy day with a mix of sunshine and frequent often squally showers for Midlands and southern England, temperatures 6C to 9C and a fresh south to southwest wind. Showers oftern merging to give longer periods of rain for northeast Scotland Shetland, Orkneys and Western Isles with strong to gale force north to northeast winds. Temperatures 6 to 8C. Further scattered showers for central areas of Scotland, temperatures 2C with snow cover elsewhere 4C. Winds will be mostly colm to light and variable.

Saturday 09/12/2023
A rather cold day with sunshine and variable cloud. Scattered showers along North Sea coasts. temperatures 5-9C

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa,02.12. various clouds -8° -  95%
Su,03.12. various clouds, snow -4° -  90%
Mo,04.12. various clouds, snow -5° -  90%
Tu,05.12. various clouds, snow  - -2° 90%
We,06.12. various clouds, heavy snow -7° - -6° 80%
Th,07.12. various clouds, rain -5° -  75%
Fr,08.12. various clouds, rain -4° -  60%
Sa,09.12. mostly sunny -4° -  60%
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