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Week ahead - October 27, 2021
Heavy rain
Chillier next week

Issued: 0900hrs Wednesday 27th October 2021
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Persistent spells of heavy rain for some

An unsettled weather pattern is expected over the next number of days bringing spells of persistent and heavy rainfall to particularly England and Wales. Strengthened winds at times too. Turning cooler next week with the chance for some wintry weather over the hills.

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Saturday 30/10/21
Rain spreads northwards across southern and central parts of England on Saturday, turning heavy and persistent at times. Some showers across western areas of Engand, Wales and Scotland with longer spells of rain looking to push on to western Irish coasts by late afternoon, turning heavy by evening. Elsewhere, largely dry with some sunny spells about but rather alot of cloud too. Highs at 8 to 14C.

Sunday 31/10/21
On Sunday, a new developing area of low pressure to the west of Scotland will push more rain in from the west across most of England and Wales, again, turning heavy and persistent at times. Showery rain, heavy bursts in places, will affect much of Scotland, particularly western regions where it will be breezy, as well as Ireland and Northern Ireland. Cooler for most, with temperatures of 8 to 12C for many, although southeast England sees highs up to 14 or 15C still.

Monday 1/11/21
Much of the rain clears by Monday. It will be a windier day for most with blustery showers, some of these merging in to longer spells of rain in the east, heavy across parts of north and west Scotland at times. Drier and sunnier further east. Temperatures of 9 to 12C across England and Wales, 5 to 8C further north.

Tuesday 2/11/21
The UK still dominated by a trough so to expect some rain across particularly Wales, while a band of rain tracks north across England, reaching the far south of Scotland later in the day. Turning drier and brighter behind. Much of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland seeing largely dry conditions with sunny spells, but also some scattered showers about too. A cooler day likely as the winds turn northerly. Highs at 7 to 11C.

Wednesday 3/11/21
Longer spells of rain to affect eastern coastal counties for a time during Wednesday. Showers down western coasts of the UK also and pushing on to northern Scotland as well as Northern Ireland, falling wintry over the hills with sleet or snow. A dry, clear and chilly day for many central and southern areas. Temperatures of 6 to 10C.

Thursday 4/11/21
Showers to still affect coastal regions of the UK, these gradually fizzling out in the west as a ridge builds here. More persistent showers still across eastern coastal regions. Largely dry and bright with sunshine elsewhere but feeling cool. Ireland and Northern Ireland starting dry before a band of rain moves in from the Atlantic. Highs at 6 to 11C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Th, 28.10. cloudy, rain 14° - 18° 90%
Fr, 29.10. cloudy, rain 11° - 16° 80%
Sa, 30.10. various clouds, rain 10° - 15° 70%
Su, 31.10. cloudy, rain  - 15° 60%
Mo, 01.11. various clouds, rain  - 12° 55%
Tu, 02.11. cloudy, rain  - 11° 50%
We, 03.11. various clouds, light sleet  - 10° 40%
Th, 04.11. various clouds, rain  - 11° 40%
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