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Week ahead - March 22, 2020
Dry through midweek
Some rain northwest

Issued: 0900hrs Sunday 22nd March 2020
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Chilly northerlies by next weekend

High pressure influences our weather this week, keeping many places dry with spring sunshine. Feeling cool in any breeze, and there will be frost on most nights, especially in rural areas. Toward next weekend, a strengthening northerly wind is likely to bring showers, with snow or hail at times.

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Wednesday 25/03/20
High pressure stays in overall control, whilst a front lies to the northwest. Cloud and rain or drizzle for western Scotland, may be heavier for a time in the northwest Highlands. Patchy rain too for the west of Ireland. Otherwise dry across eastern Scotland, England & Wales with variable cloud and sunshine. A frosty start, but a mild spring day with light winds. Highs 11 to 15C, warmest northeast.

Thursday 26/03/20
Slack pressure across the British Isles. A weak front lies over northern areas. This should be no more than an area of cloud and patchy rain, edging slowly southeastwards across Scotland and Ireland with time. England & Wales stay dry with light winds. Another cool start, with frost where skies are clear, then rising to daytime highs 10 to 14C, warmest central and eastern Scotland.

Friday 27/03/20
Pressure stays slack and a weak front continues to drift southeastward. Variable cloud, perhaps filling in with cloud more widely, which will tend to suppress daytime temperatures, but may result in a less cold night. Patchy rain edging south across central Britain. Showers for Scotland and Northern Ireland as winds become west or northwesterly. Highs 9 to 12C.

Saturday 28/03/20
A cool northerly airflow is likely by the weekend. Detail uncertain, but a risk of showers draped around coasts in the west and east, these of hail or snow for a time, particularly over the hills. Showers may form more widely across northern Britain. Fairly cloudy, best sun toward the south. Highs 7 to 11C.

Sunday 29/03/20
Most likely an ongoing northerly airflow, with sunny spells and scattered showers, most common in northern Scotland and around some coastal fringes, particularly eastern Britain. Feeling cool, with frost in the morning. Highs 6 to 10C.

Monday 30/03/20
Staying cool, with sunshine and showers, wintry at times. Local detail very uncertain. Frost likely in the morning. Daytime temperatures 6 to 11C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Mo, 23.03. various clouds  - 13° 90%
Tu, 24.03. various clouds, light rain  - 14° 80%
We, 25.03. various clouds, light rain  - 15° 70%
Th, 26.03. cloudy, light rain  - 13° 60%
Fr, 27.03. cloudy, light rain  - 11° 50%
Sa, 28.03. various clouds, light sleet  - 10° 40%
Su, 29.03. various clouds, light sleet  -  30%
Mo, 30.03. various clouds, light sleet  - 10° 30%
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