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Week ahead - December 25, 2017
Colder for a time
Wet & windy New Year

Issued: 0900hrs Monday 25th December 2017
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Snow mainly over hills, wet in west by weekend

Areas of low pressure moving in from the Atlantic will bring a changeable regime through to New Year and beyond. A run of colder days from Boxing Day onward. Some snow is possible, but mostly over higher ground. Toward New Year, there is a risk of stormy weather developing at times.

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Thursday 28/12/17
A chilly north to northwesterly pattern. A bright day for many, with sunny spells and areas of wintry showers - these focused around Irish Sea coasts, running into the Midlands. Snow showers for northern Scotland. Mainly dry in central and southern regions. Some rain may move in from the west later. A frosty start for some areas, with possible ice. Top temperatures only 1 to 5C.

Friday 29/12/17
Fronts move in from the west, bringing rain preceded by snow over the hills. Milder air will eventually spread to all areas south-west, turning any snow all back to rain. Blustery winds, possible gales around coasts in the south & west. Highs 2 to 7C, perhaps milder in the south-west, and temperatures tending to rise even after dark.

Saturday 30/12/17
Further fronts are expected to move in from the Atlantic. Wet and windy weather spreading to most places. Heaviest rain toward the north-west. Risk of gales. Highs 6 to 10C, mildest south-west.


Sunday 31/12/17
An active westerly regime is likely. Generally unsettled, with a risk of stormy winds developing. Some heavy falls of rain, but generally mild. Highs 5 to 10C.

Monday 01/01/18
A wet and windy start to the New Year is expected. Most likely mild, or very mild, with southwesterly winds, which may be gale force in places. Highs 6 to 12C.

Tuesday 02/01/18
Staying unsettled, with rain heaviest in the west, and a risk of gales. Highs 5 to 10C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Tu, 26.12. various clouds, sleet  -  90%
We, 27.12. various clouds, light sleet  -  70%
Th, 28.12. various clouds, light sleet  -  60%
Fr, 29.12. various clouds, sleet  -  60%
Sa, 30.12. cloudy, rain  - 10° 50%
Su, 31.12. cloudy, rain  - 10° 40%
Mo, 01.01. various clouds, rain  - 12° 40%
Tu, 02.01. various clouds, rain  - 10° 30%