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Week ahead - October 18, 2016
Chilly for all
Eastern showers

Issued: 0800 Tuesday 18th October 2016
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Chilly with showers in the east but drier to the west

The cold weather is maintained this week as the easterly wind continues to blow over the UK and Ireland. This brings showers to eastern coasts and hills, whilst more western areas are likely to be brighter with some sunny spells. There is the threat of some spots of rain in western Scotland and western ireland from time to time as fronts pass close by to the west.

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Friday 21/10/16
A ridge of high pressure extends through much of the UK and Ireland on Friday. Low pressure to the east continues to feed showers onto eastern coasts thanks to the northeast wind. Brighter and drier to the west with sunny spells. Thicker cloud and some spots of drizzle affecting western Ireland and western Scotland. Chilly for all at 11 to 14C.

Saturday 22/10/16
Low pressure over the Low Countries on Saturday, this blowing some cloud and further showers into eastern Scotland and eastern England. Drier elsewhere with sunny spells, the best of them to the west. Cloud increasing in Ireland and southwest England as fronts edge eastwards. Highs at 10 to 14C.

Sunday 23/10/16
Low pressure edges closer to southern Ireland on Sunday. This is going to be bringing a breezy day for all. There will be further showers or outbreaks of rain affecting eastern coasts of England and Scotland. Further west and south it is likely to be dry again with sunny spells. Highs at 10 to 13C.

Monday 24/10/16
Low pressure is just south of the UK and Ireland on Monday. This pushes fronts northwards which give rain in much of southern Ireland, south Wales and southern England. Breezy and cold in Scotland with cloud and patchy rain on eastern coasts. Fair for central areas, but then further cloud and rain in the far west. Highs of 10 to 14C.

Tuesday 25/10/16
Low pressure stays to the south of the country on Tuesday with higher pressure to the north. Cloud and some rain in southern and eastern areas, but drier and brighter to the west. Cool with temperatures at 10 to 15C and windy to the north.

Wednesday 26/10/16
High pressure over Scandinavia brings an easterly flow to the UK. This is going to be staying cool with some showers on eastern coasts and hills. Brighter further west with sunny spells here. Watch for the threat of some rain getting into the far south of England. Highs at 10 to 14C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
We, 19.10. various clouds, rain 12° - 14° 90%
Th, 20.10. various clouds, light rain 11° - 14° 80%
Fr, 21.10. various clouds, light rain 11° - 14° 75%
Sa, 22.10. various clouds, light rain 10° - 14° 75%
So, 23.10. various clouds, light rain 10° - 13° 75%
Mo, 24.10. various clouds, light rain 10° - 14° 65%
Tu, 25.10. various clouds, light rain 10° - 15° 65%
We, 26.10. various clouds, light rain 10° - 14° 65%
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