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Week ahead - October 13, 2016
Showery, fairly cool

Issued: 1000hrs Thursday 13th October 2016
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Milder this weekend, but some heavy rain

A gradual change to the recent blocked weather, as low pressure develops from the south-west this weekend. Showery rain becoming widespread by Sunday. A return to a westerly regime next week, bringing showers in from the Atlantic, but conditions may improve later in the week as pressure builds from the south-west.

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Sunday 16/10/16
Pulses of heavy showery rain pushing north & east across Britain through the day, become most frequent and widespread into the afternoon, may merge into several hours of constant rain. Scotland & north-east England may escape dry for many hours. Occasional sun, but mostly cloudy. A fresh breeze from the south. Fairly mild away from rain, temperatures 13 to 16C north, up to 17 or 18C south.

Monday 17/10/16
Low pressure centred to the north-west, and a front moving away into the North Sea. A zone of heavy rain is likely to clear across eastern England in the early hours, and may leave a largely dry and bright day for many places. Showery for Ireland, and showers increasingly spreading into western regions of Britain through the day. A light breeze from the south-west. Temperatures 12 to 17C, warmest south-east.

Tuesday 18/10/16
Low pressure remains to the north. A trough passes eastwards across the British Isles, bringing a few hours of frequent showery rain. Eastern England may be dry for a few hours in the morning, whilst western parts may improve later. Rain may set in for a few hours in western Scotland. Becoming cooler, and a squally westerly wind developing. Highs 11 to 16C.

Wednesday 19/10/16
A cool west to north-westerly pattern as low pressure passes east into the North Sea. Showers may affect many areas, locally frequent around coasts in the west & north. Some sunshine. Pressure may build from the west to bring improving conditions to Ireland and south-western Britain. Breezy and feeling cool, highs 11 to 15C.

Thursday 20/10/16
Details uncertain, but high pressure may establish itself across central and southern Britain, bringing dry and bright conditions, although chilly temperatures overnight, with some fog patches. A stronger westerly breeze in the north may bring rain to Scotland and Northern Ireland. Highs 11 to 15C.

Friday 21/10/16
Confidence low, but high pressure may influence many areas. Dry with some sunshine, but chilly overnight with frost and fog. Rain may persist in western Scotland. Temperatures by afternoon 11 to 16C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Fr, 14.10. various clouds, light rain 11° - 15° 90%
Sa, 15.10. various clouds, light rain 12° - 17° 80%
Su, 16.10. various clouds, rain 12° - 18° 70%
Mo, 17.10. various clouds, light rain 12° - 17° 70%
Tu, 18.10. various clouds, rain 11° - 16° 60%
We, 19.10. various clouds, rain 11° - 15° 60%
Th, 20.10. various clouds, light rain 11° - 15° 50%
Fr, 21.10. various clouds, light rain 11° - 16° 40%
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