Week ahead - December 19, 2023
Changeable often stormy
snow in north, colder for all

Becoming colder during the week prolonged rain and snow in north blustery high windchill frost likely

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Friday 22/12/2023
Continuing generally mild for Wales, Midlands and southern England with some sunshine though cloudy at times, temperature 8C to 10C with a fresh west to southwest wind. For Scotland, Northern Ireland and Eastern England generally colder temperatures 4 to 6C with a fresh west to northwest wind, with likely gales on windward coasts, scattered showers generally of rain but mixed with height with snow increasingly likely to lower levels.

Cloudy, often stormy for Scotland and Norther Ireland with gales on windward coasts and slopes. Rain will be prolonged and heavy in west through the morning moving eastwards during the afternoon and showers following into west. Temperatures 8 to 10C though with high windchill. For England and wales cloudy though mainly dry temperatures 10C for most, maybe briefly 12 for eastern Wales to Cheshire, Shropshire and Hereforshire, and Yorkshire to Lincolnshire. Cloudy overnight dry for most, rain and showers for Scotland

Sunday 24/12/2023
A cloudy and windy day for most of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with outbreaks of rain often heavy. Mild in southern and Eastern England temperatures 12C, generally 8 to 10C elsehwere. Increasingly stormy for Scotland with more organised band of rain moving into Scotland, clearing southwards into northern England. This wil bring a change ot much colder condition with snow across Scotland and later northern England. Widespread frost overnight.

Monday 25/12/2023
A cold(er) day for all with rain clearing Midlands and southern England during the morning leaving sunshine and scattered showers, temperatures 6C during the afternoon. Scotland, Northern Ireland and northwest England showers or longer spells of rain, snow showers with heighth to lower levels in western Scotland by evening. Temperatures 2C to 4C along coasts though below 0C in central regions

Tuesday 26/12/2023
Cold for most, frost for Scotland and northern England remaining for most of the day which is mostly dry and sunny temperatures -3 to +1. Rest of Wales and England, patchy frost generally clearing through the morning as temperatures briefly rise to 5C. Becoming increasingly cloudy with prolonged often heavy rain into the evening fro Wales, Midlands and southern England. Mostly rain though some snow north Wales and with height.

Wednesday 27/12/2023
Remainig cold generally, snow showers into western Scotland to northwest England and Wales. Scattered showers elsewhere though mainly dry and sunny, temperatures briefly 5C, frost becoming widespread where skiles clear overnight.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
We,20.12. various clouds, light rain  - 10° 95%
Th,21.12. various clouds, light rain  - 10° 90%
Fr,22.12. various clouds, light rain  - 12° 90%
Sa,23.12. cloudy, rain  -  90%
Su,24.12. cloudy, light rain -2° -  80%
Mo,25.12. cloudy, light rain  -  75%
Tu,26.12. cloudy -2° -  60%
We,27.12. various clouds -4° -  60%
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