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Week ahead - October 11, 2018
Most rain west

Issued: 1000hrs Thursday 11th October 2018
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Temperatures up and down, generally mild

A changeable outlook through the weekend and beyond. Spells of heavy rain will sweep in from the Atlantic, with the wettest conditions focused on western regions. Localised flooding is possible for Wales and the Lake District. The remnants of Hurricane Michael will rapidly cross the Atlantic to bring a risk of gales on Monday-Tuesday. Temperatures will stay mild thanks to tropical air masses.

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Sunday 14/10/18
An area of low pressure moves away eastwards into the North Sea. A zone of showery rain affects eastern England for a time, and clusters of showers may affect north-west England and north Wales in the morning. Much of central and southern Britain becoming dry with sunny spells. Rain for Scotland should also clear. Winds varied, easing in the middle of the day. Highs 12 to 18C.

Monday 15/10/18
Wet and windy weather is expected to affect western Britain and Ireland, whilst the south and east is likely to stay dry and fairly mild with some sunshine. Risk of gales around some western coasts. Heaviest rain over western hills, with a risk of local flooding. Feeling quite humid thanks to a tropical air-mass, top temperatures 12 to 14C north-west, 15 to 18C south-east.

Tuesday 16/10/18
A generally unsettled day with south-westerly winds, up to gale force possibly in western coastal areas and over the hills. Rain frequent or persistent for western regions of Britain, followed by showers for Ireland behind a cold front. Some rain spillinig east into central-eastern Britain, but little rain toward the south-east. Highs 13 to 19C, warmest south-east.

Wednesday 17/10/18
A bright and breezy day, with brisk west to south-westerly wind. Sunshine and showers, the rain most frequent in the north-west. Driest toward the south and east of England. Risk of gales around northern coasts. A little cooler for most places, highs 11 to 16C.

Thursday 18/10/18
Confidence of timing is low later in the week. A brief ridge of high pressure should give a fair spell, but followed by further rain spreading from the Atlantic. Generally mild, after a locally cool start with fog patches. Highs 12 to 18C.

Friday 19/10/18
Some rain is likely spread from the west. Driest toward the south-east of Britain. Temperatures around average, or on the mild side. Highs 11 to 16C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Fr, 12.10. various clouds, heavy rain 14° - 21° 90%
Sa, 13.10. various clouds, rain 13° - 24° 80%
Su, 14.10. various clouds, light rain 11° - 18° 70%
Mo, 15.10. various clouds, light rain 11° - 18° 60%
Tu, 16.10. cloudy, rain 12° - 19° 50%
We, 17.10. various clouds, light rain 11° - 16° 40%
Th, 18.10. various clouds, light rain 12° - 18° 30%
Fr, 19.10. various clouds, light rain 11° - 16° 30%
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