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Week ahead - May 11, 2018
Changeable and Unsettled At Times
Near or Slightly Below Average Temps

Rather cool and changeable weather will dominate through most of the period with some spells of rain or showers at times.

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Monday 14/5/18
Into next Monday and low pressure is set to dominate across England and Wales in particular with a risk of rain or showers at times, perhaps with some locally heavy showers through the afternoon. Potentially drier and brighter across Scotland and Ireland but even here some showers are possible. Winds mainly light and rather variable around the low pressure centred over the British Isles. Average temperatures, highs 11C to 16C.

Tuesday 15/5/18
Into Tuesday and another day of sunshine and showers is currently forecast, but with generally fewer showers than compared with Monday and certainly with a much lower risk of any any longer spells of rain. As a result there will be some more prolonged drier and brighter, if not sunnier spells at times too. Winds remaining light and variable. Average temperatures, highs 12C to 17C.

Wednesday 16/5/18
Into next Wednesday and while there are uncertainties over the details at the moment it looks as though lower pressure will return and move into the British Isles from the west or north-west through the day. This may well signal an increased risk of rain or showers during the day, perhaps particularly across more northern and western areas. Winds W or SW'ly light or moderate, temperatures cooler than previous days. Highs around, 10C to 15C.

Thursday 17/5/18
During Thursday and low pressure is still set to be the most dominant feature of the weather at the moment bringing another day of sunshine and showers and rather cool temperatures. Main areas at risk of most of the showers is uncertain, but perhaps more central and northern areas of the British Isles at greatest risk of showers as the day progresses. Temperatures still on the cool-side of average, highs around 10C to 14C.

Friday 18/5/18
Sunshine and showers may continue into next Friday at the moment, but there is some evidence for a new area of low pressure to approach from the west during the day. As a result more northern and western areas of the British Isles could see showers replaced by some longer spells of rain later. Temperatures still rather cool, highs 10C to 15C.

Saturday 19/5/18
Quite a lot of uncertainty by next Saturday but it is likely to remain unsettled, especially across more northern and western areas where showers or longer spells of rain are possible and perhaps quite windy here too with a fresh or strong W or SW'ly winds. Potentially drier and brighter across more central and southern areas of England and Wales but even here some showers can't be ruled out. Highs 12C to 17C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa, 12.05. various clouds, rain 11° - 16° 90%
Su, 13.05. various clouds, rain 12° - 17° 80%
Mo, 14.05. cloudy, rain 11° - 16° 70%
Tu, 15.05. various clouds, light rain 12° - 17° 60%
We, 16.05. cloudy, rain 10° - 15° 50%
Th, 17.05. various clouds, rain 10° - 14° 40%
Fr, 18.05. various clouds, rain 10° - 15° 35%
Sa, 19.05. various clouds, rain 12° - 17° 30%