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Week ahead - January 01, 2017
Rather cold this week
Lots of dry weather

Issued: 0800 New Year's Day 2017
Duty forecaster: John Ejdowski

Frosts developing, fog

Much of this coming week will be dominated by high pressure which will give a good deal of dry, settled weather conditions. Some quite cold night this week with frosts expected most nights. As the winds fall light, we may also see a return to foggy conditions.

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Wednesday 04/01/17
Fair and chiefly dry across the country with sunny spells but more cloud in the far east and north. Cold night with a widespread frost and fog may become dense across England and Wales by morning. Expect high temperatures of 5 to 8C.

Thursday 05/01/17
A cold day. Dry for most with sunnier spells but dense fog across southern and north east England may be very slow to clear. In the dense fog temperatures may struggle to reach the freezing mark. Highs of 5 to 8C.


Friday 06/01/17
Not as cold today and we may see some rain spreading down into northern Britain and into Wales through the day. Cloudy but dry in the south until evening when that rain drifts down from the north. Highs of 6 to 8C.


Saturday 07/01/17
It appears cold and windy with strong north west winds across eastern Britain. Most places dry with some good sunny spells. Cold, frosty and foggy by night. Highs of 4 to 7C.


Sunday 08/01/17
It continues cold but it should be fine and dry with sunny spells. The best of these likely to be in the east with more cloud in the west. Frosty and dry overnight. Expect highs of 2 to 4C.

Monday 09/01/17
High pressure is likely to dominate with a dry day across much of the United Kingdom. A cold, frosty morning with sunny spells but dense patches of freezing fog may linger across parts of central and southern. parts of England for much of the day. Expect highs of 3 to 6C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Mo, 02.01. mostly sunny  -  80%
Tu, 03.01. sunny  -  80%
We, 04.01. mostly sunny  -  70%
Th, 05.01. various clouds  -  60%
Fr, 06.01. cloudy, light rain  -  60%
Sa, 07.01. sunny  -  40%
Su, 08.01. mostly sunny  -  20%
Mo, 09.01. partly fog  -  20%