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Week ahead - February 07, 2021
Bitterly cold
Snow in east

Issued: 0900 Sunday 7th February 2021
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Bitterly cold this week for most. Snow expected. Conditions turning milder later.

It will be a bitterly cold week for many as an easterly wind prevails. Snow is forecast across easternmost areas mainly, but reaching further inland on some days. High pressure is expected to become dominant later in the week and into the weekend allowing for drier conditions. Staying cold towards the north and east but milder further west.

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Wednesday 10/02/21
Wednesday will continue to be cold and feeling bitter in an easterly wind still. High pressure becomes more domiant today allowing for mainly dry weather across the UK and bright conditions towards the west, although light snow flurries and cloudier skies will continue across easternmost areas. A broad area of Atlantic low pressure is waiting in the wings and will strengthen winds across Ireland and Northern Ireland through the day. High temperatures at a chilly -2 to 3C, feeling colder in the wind.

Thursday 11/02/21
A period of more significant rain, sleet and snow may affect Ireland, Northern Ireland as well as far western areas of the UK on Thursday though there remains some uncertainty over the extent of this pushing east just yet. Snow flurries continue to affect eastern Scotland and northeast England prior to the arrival of this area of low pressure. Highs at just -2 to 1C for many, 6 to 11C across the southern half of Ireland and into the far southwest of the UK.

Friday 12/02/21
A mixed day for the British Isles with further spells of rain, sleet and snow affecting many western areas. There is the potential for some more significant snowfall over northern parts of Scotland. Staying drier and brighter to the southeast. A breezier day for most. Still cold for most areas with highs at just -2 to 2C, although much of Ireland, southwest England and the far west of Wales will see highs between 6 and 10C.

Saturday 13/02/21
Saturday could see the British Isles come under the influence of an area of higher pressure albeit with low pressure close by winds will continue to be brisk. Mostly cloudy with some rain and sleet to the far northwest and far west. Best of the sun to the southeast. Milder air attempts to push in further east but not by much with much of the UK seeing highs still between -1 and 2C.The west and southwest, however, will see highs at between 6 and 10C.

Sunday 14/02/21
A mainly dry day and plenty of sunshine expected across southern and eastern areas. Cloudier further west where it will also stay breezy. There is the risk of some light rain across western coasts of Ireland. Finally the milder air moves across the country more and releases its grip of the freezing conditions. Highs between 4 and 9C.

Monday 15/02/21
High pressure looks to stay dominant into the new working week. Dry conditions continue with the best of the sunshine further south and east. Highs at 5 to 10C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Su, 07.02. various clouds, snow -2° -  90%
Mo, 08.02. various clouds, snow -2° -  90%
Tu, 09.02. various clouds, snow -3° -  85%
We, 10.02. various clouds, snow -2° -  75%
Th, 11.02. cloudy, sleet -2° - 11° 60%
Fr, 12.02. cloudy, sleet -2° - 10° 55%
Sa, 13.02. cloudy, sleet -1° - 10° 50%
Su, 14.02. various clouds  - 10° 45%
Mo, 15.02. various clouds  - 10° 40%
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