Week ahead - December 10, 2023
Becoming dry for many
Areas of fog

Issued: 0900hrs Sunday 10th December 2023
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

On the cool side, mildest in northwest

An unsettled start to the new week with some more rain and hill snow in the north. Drier weather developing for many places as high pressure builds later in the week. Lingering fog will bring cooler days. Rain at times in western Scotland where mild Atlantic breeze prevail.

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Wednesday 13/12/23
Low pressure over the near continent pulls in a chilly northeasterly wind over England and Wales. Areas of showery rain, most frequent in eastern counties, running into central and southern areas. A few showers too for north Wales and the far southwest. A ridge of high pressure over Scotland and Ireland brings mainly dry weather with some sunny breaks. Feeling cool, highs 4 to 8C.

Thursday 14/12/23
High pressure centred toward the southwest, but a front passes west to east during the day. Rain and hill snow for a time for Scotland and northern England, fizzling out as it moves east. Showers follow for western Scotland and Northern Ireland. Only small amounts of patchy rain reaching central England, largely dry toward the southeast. Fairly cloudy. A westerly breeze. Highs 5 to 8C.

Friday 15/12/23
High pressure extends over the southern half of Britain and Ireland. Settled weather for many. Areas of fog for central and southern counties, some slight frost. Light winds in the south, southwesterly breezes in the north. A little drizzle and low cloud in western Scotland, but fairly mild here. Highs 4 to 9C, coolest if fog lingers in the south.

Saturday 16/12/23
Quiet weather continues for southern and central areas under generally high pressure. Lingering fog and slight frost. Breezier in the north, windy in northwest Scotland, but rain-bearing fronts should pass just to the north. Highs 4 to 9C.

Sunday 17/12/23
Little overall change with fog and slight frost in southern and central Britain and Ireland. Staying breezy in the north. Some rain for northwest Scotland. Cool in fog, mildest northwest. Highs 4 to 9C.

Monday 18/12/23
A similar theme to begin the new week. Greatest risk of rain toward northwest Scotland, otherwise dry with varied cloud and fog. Highs 4 to 9C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Mo, 11.12. various clouds, light rain  - 11° 90%
Tu, 12.12. cloudy, heavy rain  - 11° 80%
We, 13.12. various clouds, rain  -  70%
Th, 14.12. various clouds, light rain  -  70%
Fr, 15.12. partly fog  -  65%
Sa, 16.12. various clouds  -  65%
Su, 17.12. various clouds  -  60%
Mo, 18.12. various clouds  -  50%
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