Week ahead - December 29, 2023
A wet, often stormy end to 2023
Cold, dry and sunny overnight frost for 2024 start

Mild wet and windy with heavy rain and frequent squally showers to end 2023 noticeably colder start to 2024 dry and sunny overnight frost

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Monday 01/01/2024
Cloudy with prolonged often heavy spells of rain transferring from west to east with squally showers to follow. Snow for Scotland and northern England especially with height, windward coasts and later eastern Scotland. Winds fresh to strong northwest with gales on windward coasts high windchill, temperatures 2 to 4C. Cloudy with rain for England and Wales through the morning and showesr to follow, thogh rain may be slow to clear eastern England by evening. Generally cool in a fresh west wind, temperatures 4 to 6C.

Tuesday 02/01/2024
Another wet and windy day for all as bands of rain, prolonged and heavy at times again move across all regions, staying cold for Scotland and norrthern England with a mix of rain at lower levels and snow with height, temperatures 0C to 4C winds cyclonic so variable. England and Wales prolonged often heavy rain through the morning clearing eastwards with blustery showers to follow, though rain may be slow to clear eastern and southeast England, temperaures 4 to 6C.

Wednesday 03/01/2024
Pressure remains low for all areas, giving a cloudy day with frequent squally showers, these of snow for Scotland and northern England notably with height with blizzards at height and along windward coasts. Temperatures 0C to 4C with high windchill. England and Wales sunshine and frequent blustery rain showers temperatures 4C to 6C with a fresh west to northwest wind.

Thursday 04/01/2024
A day of sunshine and showers, showers becominig less frequent as pressure begins to rise for all areas. Remaining cold for northern areas temperatures 0C to 4C, 6C for central and southern Engalnd and Wales. Winds easing becoming light and variable away from coasts with ground and patchy air frost likely overnight


Friday 05/01/2024
Sunshine and showers, showers mainly confined to coasts so a dry day for most of England and Wales, temperatures 4C in north to 7C in south with clear skies overnigh frost will become widespread.

Saturday 06/01/2024
A dry and sunny day though generally cold, frost is likely to persist through mid-evening to mid-morning with temperatures 0C to 2C for Scotland, briefy 4C for England and Wales though patchy forst may persist.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa,30.12. cloudy, rain -4° -  95%
Su,31.12. various clouds, heavy rain  -  90%
Mo,01.01. various clouds, rain -4° -  90%
Tu,02.01. cloudy, rain -4° -  90%
We,03.01. various clouds, rain -2° -  80%
Th,04.01. various clouds, rain -4° -  75%
Fr,05.01. various clouds -4° -  60%
Sa,06.01. various clouds -6° -  60%
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