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Week ahead - October 07, 2016
A cool week ahead
Frequent showers in east

Issued: 1000hrs Friday 7th October 2016
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Brightest in west

A strong blocking pattern over northern Europe will maintain a cool north-easterly wind across the British Isles this week. Showery in the east, but generally brighter in the west. Temperatures below average. Some cold nights in sheltered parts of the north & west, may result in local frost.

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Monday 10/10/16
High pressure extends across north-western Britain & Ireland. A north or north-easterly breeze for England & Wales. Bright with some sunshine, best in western regions. More cloud in the east, and showers will move onto North Sea coasts. These may become locally frequent and heavy. Showers will tend to drift inland through the day toward the East Midlands. Feeling chilly in the wind. Temperatures 11 to 15C.

Tuesday 11/10/16
A cool north-easterly breeze continues. Showers again moving in from the North Sea, extending inland across many central areas, locally heavy and may band together into frequent bursts of rain. Occasional sunshine, generally brighter and drier toward the west of Britain & Ireland. Highs 11 to 15C, but feeling colder where exposed to the wind.

Wednesday 12/10/16
Little change to the weather pattern. Another day of brisk east to north-easterly winds and showers. Rain most frequent toward the east. Risk of frequent squally bursts, plus local hail and thunder. Brightest in the west & north-west. Feeling chilly. Top temperatures 11 to 14C.

Thursday 13/10/16
A continued east or north-easterly flow brings a similar story of showers in the east & south-east, but brighter weather in the west. Cool again at 11 to 14C.

Friday 14/10/16
The flow may turn north to north-easterly. Scattered showers mostly toward the east coast, but many places should see a dry and bright day. Chilly, highs 10 to 13C.

Saturday 15/10/16
A cool north to north-easterly breeze is likely to bring further showers to eastern coastal areas. A good amount of sunshine elsewhere. Highs 10 to 13C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa, 08.10. various clouds, light rain 12° - 17° 90%
Su, 09.10. various clouds, light rain 11° - 16° 80%
Mo, 10.10. various clouds, light rain 11° - 15° 80%
Tu, 11.10. various clouds, rain 12° - 15° 70%
We, 12.10. various clouds, rain 11° - 15° 70%
Th, 13.10. various clouds, rain 11° - 14° 70%
Fr, 14.10. various clouds, light rain 10° - 14° 60%
Sa, 15.10. various clouds, light rain 10° - 13° 60%
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