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Week ahead - January 13, 2020
A change ahead
Turning drier & cooler

Issued: 0900 Monday 13th January 2020
Duty forecaster: Dr. Simon Keeling

Wet and windy at first, but then quieter, colder and foggier later

A changing weather pattern this week. After wet and windy weather with severe gales at first, conditions do look set to improve later in the week. It will be turning cooler and calmer through the weekend and into next week. Higher pressure is expected to build and this leads to an increased risk of frost and fog.

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Thursday 16/1/20
Low pressure affects western Ireland on Thursday. Winds increasing again through Ireland and the west of the UK in the morning, rain arriving as fronts move in. Eastern areas should be staying drier at first, although rain arrives in all but the far east by evening. Eastern Scotland should stay dry, although winds increasing as the cloud arrives. The rain turning heavy in the west. Highs at 6 to 12C.

Friday 17/1/20
Low pressure north of Scotland on Friday. Wintry showers or longer spells of sleet and snow in central and northern Scotland. A brighter day across the rest of the UK and Ireland, although there will be some showers, especially affecting western coast and hills. Highs at 3 to 8C.

Saturday 18/1/20
A ridge of high pressure builds on Saturday. There may be some morning fog patches in England and Wales but these clearing quickly. A few showers in northern and western Scotland, these falling as sleet and snow. Mosty fair with sunny spells. Highs at 4 to 7C.

Sunday 19/1/20
High pressure remains to the south on Sunday. It is likely to be a fair day with good spells of sunshine, although morning mist and fog patches may be slowly to clear. Increasing winds and some drizzle in Scotland. Highs at 4 to 8C.

Monday 20/1/20
Higher pressure builds on Monday. A morning frosts with the risk of some mist and fog, this slowly clearing to leave a fair day. The risk of drizzle in northwest Scotland. Highs at 3 to 7C.

Tuesday 21/1/20
Higher pressure remains on Tuesday. This should allow for another quiet day. There may be frost and fog, but this lifting to allow sunny spells to develop. Highs at 2 to 6C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Tu, 14.01. cloudy, heavy rain  - 12° 90%
We, 15.01. various clouds, heavy rain  -  85%
Th, 16.01. cloudy, rain  - 12° 80%
Fr, 17.01. various clouds, rain  -  75%
Sa, 18.01. various clouds  -  70%
Su, 19.01. various clouds  -  65%
Mo, 20.01. various clouds  -  65%
Tu, 21.01. partly fog  -  60%
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