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UK Forecast - January 02, 2018
Windy Wednesday
Wet south & west

Windy with frequent rain in the west, merging into constant rain for several hours in some hilly areas - snow over the mountains of Scotland. Possible hail and isolated thunder. Brightest skies toward the east & north-east - glimpses of sunshine. Winds gusting 50mph+, strongest in eastern areas in the morning. Lighter winds across Scotland. High tides and stormy seas in the west & south may bring damage and flooding to coasts. Highs 5 to 9C.

Wednesday night
Staying windy into the night, although tending to ease. Fronts pushing into southern Britain bring persistent rain, heaviest for south-west England and the southern hills of Wales. A few showers near western coasts elsewhere, but much of northern & eastern England plus Scotland should stay dry with clear spells and light winds. Lowest temperatures dipping to freezing or below in the Highlands, nearer 3 to 6C southern areas.

Another area of low pressure moves in from the south-west. Fronts bring rain to southern England and Wales, plus much of Ireland, persistent for much of the day. Strong winds near coasts. Patchy rain edging across central England. Drier toward the north-east of Britain, where winds should stay light. Snow is possible for central-southern Scotland as a front extends north. Highs 3 to 5C north, 7C central areas, up to 10C far south.

Broadly unsettled with low pressure in charge. Areas of persistent rain and hill snow, in some areas persistent for many hours. Clusters of frequent heavy showers in the south-west. A risk of gales around coasts in the south. Winds turning north-easterly in Scotland and colder air will arrive, with snow to lower levels in the Highlands. Locally bright with some sunshine. Temperatures ranging between 3 and 8C, mildest toward the south.

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