UK Forecast - August 01, 2022
Warm in south

A broad and blustery westerly flow affecting the country through Tuesday with lower pressure being in control. Outbreaks of rain will clear much of the country by late morning with sunny spells developing but also frequent and at times heavy scattered showers about. These showers likely to merge into longer spells of rain for some. Brighter spells in southern England where it should be staying dry. Windy for all yet feeling mild and muggy with highs at 21 to 24C in the north and 25 to 29C in the south.

Tuesday Night
Overnight, staying windy in the north with frequent showers as well as outbreaks of rain affecting many parts of Scotland. Blustery showers affecting many western areas elsewhere across the country with some reaching into eastern parts but mostly dry the further east you are. Perhaps longer spells of rain moving in across Wales and the Midlands region later. Lows at a mild 11 to 19C.

A brisk northwesterly still wind across the north on Wednesday will see blustery showers affect northern and western regions through Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern parts of England and Wales. A weak front across southern and southeastern counties will bring cloud and possible patchy light rain here for a time, although this should fade. A fresher and cooler north and west at 16 to 18C, but warmer to the south and east with highs at 23 to 28C, warmer still across southeast England.

Still rather blustery and showery across northern and western areas of Scotland with even some eastern regions here seeing a few scattered showers. Northern Ireland and northwest Ireland will also see sunny spells and showers. Feeling cool here too. Elsewhere will be dry and fine with sunshine. Highs at 27C in southeast England, 14C in northern Scotland.

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