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UK Forecast - January 06, 2020
Windy, rain in west
Mild for all

A very windy day for almost all parts of the UK and Ireland today. There will be periods of rain and drizzle affecting western coast and hills where fog will drifting at times two. The heaviest rain will be in western Scotland. Eastern parts of Scotland, eastern Ireland, eastern Wales and much of central, southern and eastern England should stay dry. Widespread severe gales will affect Scotland and much of Ireland, with gusts of 60 to 70 mph. North-east England will also experience strong gusts of wind. Southeast England will have lighter wins. A mild day with temperatures rising to between 11 and 14°C.

Tuesday Night
After starting windy, tonight should slowly see the wind is easing down. There will be further periods of rain and drizzle affecting western coast and hills, most of this being light. Some clearest skies developing across northern England, Scotland and Ireland later in the night as thick a cloud and some showery spots of rain passed through the Midlands, East Anglia and southern England. Turning colder in Scotland at 0C, but staying mild to the south at 5 to 10C.

Cloudy skies and some drizzle affect southern England on Wednesday as a front lies through the English Channel. This front, initially week, will gather itself together and move northwards during the day bringing rain, some of it heavy across much of central and southern England and Wales during the later part of the day. Cooler and brighter conditions affecting much of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland although there will be some wintry showers in northern and western Scotland with a few showers across northern and western coast of Ireland too. Highs at 11C in the far south of England, 4C in northern Scotland, more widely 5 to 8C.

Low-pressure dominates on Thursday as a complex feature across the country. Rain is likely in the east at first but this should clear as one area of low pressure moves out of the way. A second area of rain may affect southern Ireland and Southwest England as the next area of low pressure drifts eastwards. In between these areas will be broken cloud, some sunny spells, but also a scattering of showers. A cooler day at 4 to 6C.

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