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UK Forecast - June 11, 2020
Windy, rain & muggy
Thunderstorms Saturday

A low-pressure system to the south will introduce an east to north-easterly flow today. Mild continental air will maintain a muggy feel in the south, somewhat fresher air from the North Sea will maintain a cooler feel to other regions especially along eastern coasts. Thundery rain in southern England, pushing north and bringing heavy downpours to the southwest, persisting throughout the day. Elsewhere rain is lighter, with mist and murk for many. Much of Ireland and Scotland can expect a drier day, with the risk of some drizzle or the occasional shower ever-present, especially into the evening. Eastern parts of Scotland will have lower cloud and the risk of rain or drizzle here. Central counties and Northern Ireland can expect some heavy showers throughout the morning and afternoon, with a good chance of some dry spells into the evening. Gusty conditions are likely, especially on coasts, strongest to the east and south. Highs of 18 to 21C in the south and parts of western Scotland, 14 to 17C elsewhere, but a cool 15C along north-eastern coasts.

Friday Night
Many areas can expect some significant dry spells over night. It will remain cloudy, and quite muggy in the south-east. The highest risk of some showery rain will remain across central counties of England and Ireland. east to north-easterly breezes will persist and will be gusty through many areas. Temperatures falling to around 8 to 13C.

Most regions will see plenty of rainfall today as the low pressure area firmly establishes itself over the British Isles and Ireland. The continental flow will continue to have a warming effect with much of the country experiencing a warmer muggier day. By noon most regions will experience some very heavy downpours with the odd rumble of thunder. The afternoon may see some breaks in the cloud accompanied by some warm sunny spells, mainly to the south-east of England, but heavy thundery showers will persist across Ireland, Wales and western coasts of England easing somewhat into the night. Scotland sees heavy, thundery showers in the south, some low cloud and mist as well as drizzle on eastern coasts. It will be a reasonably calm day in terms of wind, enhancing the muggy conditions. Highs of 19 to 23C for many, cooler to the North-east of 14 to 15C.

Another unsettled muggy day, however many parts of Britain can expect some good spells of warm sunshine throughout, especially to the south. Ireland on the other hand can expect a very unsettled day. Heavy persistent rain will prevail, affecting most parts, a little drier along eastern coasts. Northern and south-western counties of England and western Scotland will see thundery downpours, these easing. Other regions can expect some scattered thundery showers, most in northern England.. Parts of Scotland and southern England may see little rainfall however. Highs of 19 to 24C throughout Britain, a muggy 17 to 20C across Ireland.

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