UK Forecast - May 12, 2024
Wet in west Monday
Rain spreads east

Low pressure centred near southwest of Ireland. A belt of heavy rain advances northeastwards across Ireland, Wales and southwestern England. Drier and brighter in the Midlands, east and southeast England with some hazy sun. Cloud thickening from the west with rain moving into central England later. Local thundery showers moving north across Scotland. Some coastal haar in eastern Scotland. Warmest in the east, highs 19 to 22C, but nearer 13C where rain sets in for Wales and southwest.

Monday night
Persistent rain and some heavy bursts extends in a belt from southern and central England into northwest England and southwestern Scotland. Heavy bursts of rain circulate around low pressure toward southwest England and southern Ireland. Eastern England and northeast Scotland escaping dry much of the night, but some rain arriving from the west up to dawn. Fresh east to southeasterly winds, strongest gusts near-gales in the southwest. Mild east, cooler west, lows 7 to 12C.

Low pressure centred close to southwest Britain and Ireland brings an unsettled day. A slow-moving front gives persistent and heavy rain across a wide swathe of England from southeast to northwest, into southern Scotland and Northern Ireland, tending to drift slowly northeast. Clusters of heavy showers for southwestern areas, some frequent heavy rain southern Ireland. Drier for northern Scotland, best sun toward far northwest. East to southeast breezes fresh in places. Highs 12 to 17C.

Low pressure centred toward the southwest brings easterly breezes. A belt of rain and low cloud for east and northeastern England. Patchy rain over southern areas developing into local heavy showers into the afternoon mainly affecting Wales, southwest England, plus southern Ireland. Mostly dry in the southeast, hazy sun. Much of Scotland looks dry, local showers in the south and west. Highs 15 to 20C.