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UK Forecast - November 10, 2017
Wet in south-west
Windy and cold

Persistent outbreaks of rain for the south & south-west of Britain & Ireland - some heavy bursts setting in for a few hours, but may fade and become patchy at times. Brighter skies for central and northern regions, and staying largely dry here. Any early rain in the Midlands will clear away southwards. Scattered wintry showers for northern Scotland. A west to north-westerly breeze, strongest around English Channel coasts. Highs 7 to 10C, but up to 13 or 14C far south.

Saturday night
Further pulses of rain will run across south-western regions into the night, with some heavy falls for a few hours, tending to clear from the west. Winds turning northerly and strengthening across all regions. Snow and hail showers spreading into northern Scotland, where snow may lie to low levels. Showers also for Northern Ireland and north Wales. Clear spells elsewhere. Local frost and ice in shelter. Lows -1 to 3C.

A chilly but bright day for many places. Bands of showers spreading from the north affecting eastern coasts, and also moving inland from the Irish Sea toward north Wales, Cheshire and the West Midlands - wintry over higher ground, perhaps snow or hail briefly to lower levels. Northern Scotland will see frequent snow showers, giving accumulations to quite low levels. Brisk north to north-westerly winds. Highs 5 to 8C, but feeling closer to zero in the wind.

A widespread frost to start Monday morning. However, it will be a bright day with plenty of sunshine. Cloud will tend to thicken from the north-west as fronts move in from the Atlantic. Rain developing for western Scotland & Northern Ireland, later becoming more widespread, preceded by snow on the mountains. Winds turning from north to south-west, dropping light for a time, but strengthening in the west later. Temperatures rising slowly to 6 to 9C.