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UK Forecast - February 19, 2021
Wet and windy

Wet for many first thing on Saturday but rain will soon clear much of Scotland and eastern England to allow for a dry rest of the morning with some sunny spells, best of these towards the far north. In the afternoon though, winds will strengthen and rain is expected to spread in from the west and southwest, turning heavy and persistent across parts of Wales, southern and western Scotland where localised flooding is possible. The southeast of England, including East Anglia, should remain dry, fine throughout and feeling mild. Highs at 15C in the southeast, more generally 9 to 13C.

Saturday Night
Rain becoming isolated and patchy and eventually clearing from the south through the night with winds easing. The far northwest, however, seeing showers or longer spells of rain continue throughout. Through the early hours some persistent yet generally lighter rain will push across southern and southeastern areas of England. Towards Lows at 5 to 9C.

A band of rain remains through central and southern England on Sunday, possibly turning heavy for some at times. Drier with some bright spells across East Anglia and South East England. Largely dry and fine elsewhere although some scattered showers are likely to blow in across southern and western parts of Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland as well as western areas of Wales. Windy for the far north and far west. Highs at 14C in southeast England, mainly 9 to 12C elsewhere.

A wet morning for central southern England again as well as the southeast. Rain could linger into the afternoon but gradually clear from the south. Showers or longer spells of rain for the Northern Isles also but interspersed with sunny spells here. Drier elsewhere with bright and sunny skies for many. Increasing winds across Ireland will bring rain into the evening. Highs at 9 to 13C.

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