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UK Forecast - January 11, 2020
Wet & windy
Cold to north

A cold front clears east from southern England and Wales on Sunday morning taking outbreaks of rain with it. Brighter and cooler conditions follow to the north and west. There will be showers to the west, some of them heavy, especially on hills; wintry over the hills of Scotland. These tending to ease over western parts of England and Wales. A drier, brighter afternoon for eastern parts of Scotland and Ireland and for much of England and Wales. Highs at 4 to 7C for much of Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and northern England, 7 to 11C for central and southern England.

Sunday Night
Showers continue for western parts of Scotland and Ireland through the night while a trough may develop over Wales bringing heavier outbreaks of rain here and for western England. Similarly a front may bring heavier, more persistent outbreaks of rain to the far north of Scotland and the Northern Isles. Mostly dry elsewhere with the clearest skies over southeast Scotland, eastern Ireland and the northwest of England. Overnight lows at 0 to 5C, mildest to the southeast.

A deep area of low pressure will be west of Scotland sending fronts across the UK and Ireland that take high winds and outbreaks of rain east on Monday. The rain could be heavy in the west, probably not reaching eastern parts of England and Scotland until later in the evening. Winds will be gale force or stronger to the west, possibly reaching storm force for northwestern coastal areas. Brighter conditions follow for Ireland but showers will persist to the west. High temperatures at 5 to 10C.

Low pressure to the north of Scotland brings a brighter, breezy day with frequent showers to the west, some of them heavy, some of them wintry. A separate area of low pressure develops to the southwest bringing heavy rain and high winds to Ireland, Wales and much of England. This reaches southern Scotland later where it falls as snow over the Southern Uplands. A drier day for Northern Ireland and eastern Scotland. Highs at 3 to 5C for Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England, 8 to 12C for Wales and central and southern England.

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