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UK Forecast - May 31, 2022
warming up
Heavy showers for some

A slack area of low pressure drifts eastward on Wednesday seeing cloud and rain across Wales and the Midlands first thing before pushing across England as the day progresses. Elsewhere, once any morning mist and fog lifts it will be a largely dry day with sunny spells, though cloud will build through the day bringing the risk of some widespread shower development across much of the UK. Ireland currently looking to stay mostly dry. Highs at 14 to 18C.

Wednesday Night
Overnight, many showers look to ease off to allow for a dry night with clear spells, though cloud will thicken across Northern Ireland and western regions of Ireland with showery rain moving in to western areas here by morning. Lows at 5 to 8C.


Holiday Thursday
An area of low pressure will bring cloud and outbreaks of rain to many parts of Ireland and Northern Ireland through the day. Cloud looks to build across much of Scotland, northern England and Wales seeing showers and or longer spells of rain developing for some here. Staying largely dry across central and southern England with sunny spells. A muggy feeling day with highs at 16 to 20C.

Platinum Jubilee Friday
The shallow area of low pressure still over the country on Friday looks to continue to bring showers to southern Scotland, Northern Ireland and many regions of Ireland, as well as perhaps moving into northern parts of England, the Midlands and Wales later. Meanwhile, higher pressure ridges in across northern Scotland seeing drier weather here. Staying largely dry and fine further south too. A warm day for many with highs at 15 to 23C.

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