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UK Forecast - May 05, 2020
Warm sunshine
Local showery rain

A dry day overall with plenty of sunshine. Eastern England may stay cloudier with a breeze from the North Sea keeping things cool along the coasts. High level cloud across the southwest, and an isolated shower is possible for Cornwall. Most places reaching 15 to 17C inland. Warmest areas will be across central-southern England, also areas to the lee of high ground in western Scotland, reaching 18 to 20C.

Wednesday night
Cloud and patchy rain affects Cornwall, parts of Devon and west Wales, and extends across Northern Ireland too. Elsewhere across Britain, it stays dry with mainly clear skies overnight. Local mist patches in some low lying valleys. Light winds. A touch of ground frost in rural areas. Lows 1 to 4C in central-eastern counties, but mostly 5C or above in towns and cities, plus cloudier western districts.

A warm southerly breeze affects the British Isles. Many places dry with sunshine, although hazy in places, and cloud tending to build across western areas where a few showery bursts of rain will break out through the day, these moving around slowly to give persistent rain locally for a time. East and southeastern areas generally dry. Temperatures topping out between 18 and 22C.

Slack high pressure lying to the southeast of Britain brings a warm day to central and southern regions. Cloud will tend to build through the day, and a few bursts of rain are likely to form across western and northern areas, these very hit and miss but locally heavy, possibly thundery. Light winds means any showers will drift around slowly. Highs 15 to 23C, warmest in the southeast.

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