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UK Forecast - August 04, 2018
Warm, sunny Sunday
Patchy rain north-west

High pressure resides across central and southern Britain, resulting in a fair and warm day for most places. Lots of sunshine. Fronts over the Atlantic encroach toward the north-west, with skies clouding over, and patchy rain or drizzle for western Scotland and the north-west of Ireland. Southwesterly winds will freshen here too, otherwise light winds and coastal sea breezes. Highs 17 to 21C north & west; 24 to 27C Midlands, 28 to 30C south-east.

Sunday night
A dry evening and night with light winds for England & Wales. Variable high cloud and mostly clear skies in central and southern counties. Thicker cloud for northern and western areas as fronts move in from the west. Rain in western Scotland becoming more persistent, with outbreaks of rain spreading across much of Scotland. Rain also develops for Northern Ireland. Southwesterly winds freshening in the west & north. Temperatures 12 to 17C, warmest south & east.

High pressure weakens across southern areas, but maintains a dry and very warm day for central-southern England and Wales with light winds. Sunshine becoming hazy. Fronts slipping southwards across Scotland and Ireland bring cloudy skies and patchy rain, most persistent toward the west, accompanied by a fresh southwesterly breeze. Feeling humid, 17 to 22C north, 25 to 30C Midlands and south, locally 32C in the south-east.

Precise detail uncertain. Slack low pressure is expected to develop across the British Isles. A humid atmosphere is likely to destabilise into areas of thundery rain. Light winds mean some places could see prolonged downpours, whilst others stay dry. Fairly cloudy, with some hazy sun. Likely very warm and muggy in the south-east, but fresher toward the north-west. Highs 17 to 20C Scotland & Ireland, 23 to 30C England & Wales, warmest south-east.

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