UK Forecast - August 05, 2022
Warm, fair south
Windier cloudier north

Breezy and cloudy with outbreaks of rain in the far north of Scotland. The rain becoming more persistent as the day progresses. The best sunshine is reserved for southern England where, in lighter winds, it will be feeling very warm. Cloud increases heading north although for most of England, Wales and Ireland it should be dry and brighter with decent spells of sunshine. Highs at 25C in southern England, 14C in northern Scotland.

Saturday Night
Outbreaks of rain through the night in northern and central Scotland. Windy here as well with a risk of gales in the far north. Broken cloud and dry for England and Wales as well as Ireland, most clear spells to the south. Lows at 9 to 12C.


Weak fronts crossing Scotland on Sunday. These bring cloud with them as well as a few spots of rain to northwestern coasts of Scotland and across central hills. Northern England may be rather cloudy to, again a few spots of rain over western facing high ground. Getting brighter across central and southern England, Wales and Ireland. Dry here with good spells of sunshine. Feeling warmer in southern area at 28C, but a cooler 15C in northern Scotland in the cloud

High pressure remains dominant across the British Isles on Monday. There will be a weak front close to northwest Scotland and this may bring some cloud and a few spots of rain. Overall though the day is dry with lengthy spells of sunshine for most. Always a risk of some cloud drifting onto eastern coasts. Highs could get to 30C in southern England, 23 to 28C for most and 17C in northwest Scotland.

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