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UK Forecast - June 21, 2020
Warm, dry southeast
Damp, dull northwest

High pressure across southeastern Britain brings a dry, bright and warm day to much of England and Wales. Fronts draped across western Scotland and Ireland will produce cloud and rain here, heaviest for the West Highlands. Largely dry toward northeast Scotland. Some cloud and patchy rain may drift onto Irish Sea coasts of Wales and Cumbria. Breezy in the northwest, light winds southeast. Highs from 15 to 23C.

Monday night
Rain continues to affect parts of western Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland overnight from Monday to Tuesday as fronts stay close by. A largely dry night for much of England and Wales however with the best of the clear skies to the southeast. Overnight lows generally range from 10 to 14C.

A frontal system is likely to remain over northwestern Britain and Ireland, with areas of rain and low cloud, some heavy bursts for a time. Some uncertainty about the extent of rain into northwest England. Central & southern England & Wales stay dry, with sunshine best in east & southern counties. A southerly breeze, strongest in the west. Highs range from 17 to 25C, warmest southeast.

Remnants of fronts are likely to clear with scattered bursts of light rain across northern Britain and Ireland for a time. Largely dry across central and southern Britain. Plenty of sunshine, hot and feeling quite humid in the Midlands and southeast. Chance of a thundery downpour locally by evening. Temperatures ranging from 20 to 27C.


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