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UK Forecast - February 09, 2021
Veyr cold, snow showers
Severe frost tonight

A very cold morning with a widespread severe frost. Further snow showers affect eastern areas of England and some of these will be moving into the Midlands as well. More persistent snow showers may affect Kent. Another area likely to see the snow showers is eastern Ireland. Further west it will be brighter and drier with some sunny spells. Little change is expected into this afternoon with further cold conditions, and snow showers affecting mostly eastern areas. Highs around 0 to 2C.

Wednesday Night
Further snow showers passing through parts of Kent and Sussex overnight. A few snow showers in eastern Scotland to. There is a risk of some sleet and snow affecting parts of Cornwall and South Devon, especially later in the night. For other areas the night will be dry with clear skies and a widespread severe frost developing, the worst of this in areas where snow is lying on the ground. The breeze will pick up in the west later. Lows at -2 to -10C.

A cold day on Thursday across all areas. A severe frost early in the morning. It should be mostly dry with cloud breaking and some sunny spells developing. Increasing winds in western areas as cloud increases to. A risk of some outbreaks of sleet and snow affecting western and southern Ireland, these possibly reaching the far south-west of England through the afternoon and evening. Highs at 0 to 2C.

A brisk south-easterly flow will be affecting most of the UK on Friday. This will make it feel especially cold. Clouds and periods of rain, sleet and snow will be affecting much of Ireland, with periods of snow in Wales and parts of Southwest England. Lots of low cloud across Southwest England and Ireland too as some milder air tries to push in here. A few snow showers affecting eastern Scotland. Dry for other areas with increased cloud although one or two brighter spells could occur. Highs at 0 to 2C for many, but 4C in south and west Wales and southwest England, perhaps to 7C in western Ireland.

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