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UK Forecast - October 11, 2018
Very wet in west
Windy for all, local gales

A deep low moves past north-west Scotland, whilst fronts will extend across western Britain and Ireland. Rain will be heaviest and most prolonged for west and south Wales, also north-west England and southern Scotland. Some rain will spread across central and south-western England, but very little if any rain for the East Midlands and south-east. A windy day for all, with gales around west coasts and hills. Generally mild, highs 16 to 19C south-east, 13 to 15C north-west.

Friday night
Rain will continue to affect western regions into the night, giving ongoing heavy falls for south & west Wales, where flooding is likely to develop. The Lake District, plus Devon and Cornwall will also see heavy rain. Some rain also extending north-eastwards across the West Midlands, north and north-east England and into southern Scotland. Windy with gales in the south-west. Northern Scotland and south-east England should escape dry. Very mild, staying at 12 to 15C for many.

A slow-moving frontal wave lies south-west to north-east across Britain, producing frequent bursts of rain - prolonged over many hours for western hills of Wales, Cumbria and southern Scotland, also Cornwall and Devon. Localised flooding may occur. Local gales near coasts in south and west. A dry and warm day for central & eastern England with some hazy sunshine. Rain on and off for Highland Scotland, but should clear from Ireland. Up to 21 to 24C in East Anglia, 13 to 17C elsewhere.

An area of low pressure moves away eastwards into the North Sea. Fronts will move east in the early hours, bringing a spell of rain for central Britain. A zone of showery rain affects eastern England for a time into the daytime, and clusters of showers may affect north-west England and north Wales in the morning. Much of central and southern Britain becoming dry with sunny spells. Rain for Scotland should also clear. Winds varied, easing in the middle of the day. Highs 12 to 18C.

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