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UK Forecast - October 13, 2017
Very warm
Murky, damp north-west

A murky start for many places. Extensive hill fog in the west & north. Coastal fog south-west. Brighter skies developing only slowly. Any sunshine likely confined to the east & south-east. Dull skies persist in the west, with outbreaks of rain or drizzle for western Scotland, Northern Ireland & north-west England. A southerly breeze, strongest around western coasts. Humid, 14 to 17C north-west, up to 19 to 21C in central, east & southern England.

Saturday night
Most places will be dry overnight. Generally cloudy skies, with fog across the hills, and also murky around coasts in the south-west. Rain affects north-west Scotland, and the far west of Ireland, some persistent falls over the mountains. A south to south-westerly breeze, strongest around Irish Sea coasts where quite blustery. Staying very mild, and feeling humid, lowest temperatures 12 to 15C.

Early mist and low cloud will break to give increasing amounts of sunshine, although staying quite hazy. Murky conditions and possible fog may linger around south-western coasts. A slow-moving front brings rain to north-west Scotland and west of Ireland. A moderate southerly breeze, but quite windy in the north. Temperatures 16 to 19C north & west, or cooler where rain persists. Highs 21 to 23C in central & south-east England.

A lot of high level cloud, but some hazy sun is likely. Murky around south-western coasts, possible fog. Patchy rain north & west, some persistent falls Scotland & Ireland. Local heavy bursts may track northwards through the day, but the south & east should stay dry. Threat of gales later around the Irish Sea, and very stormy for southern Ireland. Highs 20 to 24C central & southern areas, but cooler north, 13 to 16C Scotland & N.Ireland.