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UK Forecast - March 01, 2018
Very Cold
Further Snow

Very cold conditions continue for many areas with further snow showers expected in the north and east bringing further large accumulations here. Longer spells of mainly light or moderate snow is expected across more central and southern areas of England and Wales through the day, perhaps turning to freezing rain for a time in the far souther. Strong E or SE'ly winds bringing blowing and drifting snow in places. Highs -2C to 1C.

Friday Night
Into Friday evening and overnight and it will remain very cold with a weakening band of mainly light snow moving into N England, while further snow showers affecting much of eastern and south-eastern areas of SCotland. In-between and some clearer conditions across S Scotland, along with a clearance into S England too where it will becomes less-cold than of late. Lows -5C to 1C.

Remaining cold for many areas, very cold in the north with further snow showers for parts of Scotland. Drier and clearer conditions, with some sunny spells are possible across N England, once morning light snow fizzles out, while rain, sleet and some snow return into S England later in the day and move northwards with further snow likely for Midlands and into southern areas of N England. Highs at -1C to 3C.

Staying cold into Sunday, especially in the north with further snow flurries across N England and Scotland, especially E Scotland. Longer spells of rain, perhaps preceded by some sleet and snow is then set to move into S England and Wales later in the day, but this, for most, will be of rain and with a thaw of lying snow continuing in the south. Highs 1C to 6C.