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UK Forecast - February 18, 2019
Unsettled at first
High pressure builds from Thursday

A ridge of high pressure will build across the country early on Tuesday though a frontal system will bring cloud and rain to western areas later in the day. This allows for some morning mist and fog patches in the south and an early frost before cloud builds in from the west. Light rain will reach most of Ireland and Scotland, northwestern England and western Wales through the afternoon. Breezy in the west. Highs at 7 to 10C.

Tuesday Night
Staying cloudy overnight for most areas with light rain affecting the whole country with the exception of the south of England. A breezy night too, especially for western areas. Overnight lows at 6 to 10C.


High pressure stays over the south and east of the UK on Wednesday while low pressure remains to the northwest. A cloudy day for most with the exception of the southeast of England. Light rain and drizzle will affect many areas too with the exception of central and southern parts of England. Heavier rain for western Scotland and northwest England. Breezy in the north and west. High temperatures around 9 to 14C.

High pressure builds again on Thursday allowing for a brighter day for much of England and Wales. Some mist and fog patches could affect Wales and southern and central England first thing. Any morning rain over Scotland and Ireland should ease with the exception of the western coast of Ireland where light rain may persist through the day. Overcast for much of the day for Ireland and Scotland. Staying breezy in the west. High temperatures at 11 to 15C.

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