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UK Forecast - February 04, 2021
Turning colder
Snow likely

With low pressure dominating the UK weather and it's centre sitting over the Irish Sea, a mix of rain, sleet and snow is expected across much of Scotland, mainly affecting eastern and central areas with blizzards over higher ground. The west seeing the driest conditions. There will be a brisk and bitter easterly wind setting up too across the north. Further south, expect showery rain to affect mainly Wales and western parts of England allowing for eastern areas to stay largely dry with the best of any sunshine towards the southeast. Highs at 4C across Scotland and a milder 10C in the south of England.

Friday Night
Snow will continue to affect Scotland, mainly eastern into central areas, as an easterly wind continues to blow. Showery rain will push into northern England and will turn to snow over higher ground mainly but could potentially reach lower levels too. Rain, sleet and snow will also continue to affect north Wales with rain affecting western coasts as the night progresses seeing conditions to largely dry up further south. Lows at 1 to 5C but across northern Scotland and the higher ground including Wales lows dip to between -3 and 0C.

Low pressure moves to the south of England on Saturday with high pressure north of Scotland, allowing for continued easterly wind and snow to continue to affect eastern areas of Scotland pushing into central areas with driest conditions towards the west. A mix of rain and sleet, snow possible over higher ground, towards northeast England. Rain looks to affect central and southern England, particularly the southeast through the afternoon. Highs at 2C in Scotland but feeling colder in the wind. Highs at 6 to 7C in England.

Becoming very cold through Sunday as the east to north-east wind persists. Further snow flurries affecting eastern coasts, perhaps most persistent across East Anglia and parts of southeast England as the cold air penetrates south. Always tending to be drier and brighter in the west which is where the best of any sunshine will be. Highs at 0 to 4C overall, but feeling much colder in the wind.

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