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UK Forecast - February 06, 2021
Turning colder
Snow east

Becoming very cold across the country through Sunday as the northeast to east wind persists. Further snow flurries affecting eastern coasts while more persistent snow continues across East Anglia and parts of southeast England. Brisk winds and coastal gales here will add to the tricky conditions. Always tending to be drier and brighter in the west which is also where the best of any sunshine will be. Highs at -2 to 4C overall, but feeling much colder in the wind.

Sunday Night
Wintry showers continue overnight for eastern coasts of England, Scotland and northern Ireland while more persistent snow continues to affect southeastern parts of England. This should become lighter and more confined to eastern coastal areas as the night progresses. Some cloud around over southwestern areas with the best of any clear skies to the north. Overnight lows dipping to -4 to -1C for most, much colder in more sheltered and rural spots.

A brisk easterly flow on Monday keeps things feeling cold, bitterly cold in areas exposed to the wind. Winds touching gale force at times for coastal parts of eastern Scotland and eastern England. Frequent snow showers blow in across eastern and northern Scotland, eastern England and into eastern parts of northern Ireland too. More persistent snow continues to affect far southeastern parts of England. The best of the sun to the northwest. High temperatures at just -2 to 3C.

Another cold day on Tuesday with a brisk easterly wind. There will be further snow flurries affecting eastern parts of Scotland and the north of England as well as eastern northern Ireland. The best of the sun to the northwest. Cloudier further south with low pressure over the Bay of Biscay threatening to bring more prolonged spells of rain, sleet and snow into far southwestern coastal counties of England. Highs at a very cold -3 to 2C and feeling colder in the wind.

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