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UK Forecast - July 03, 2021
Thundery Sunday
Unsettled into next week

Various bursts of rain will be already around early in the morning, although many eastern counties are expected to stay dry for several hours. Heavy downpours will break out increasingly as the day progresses with some torrential thunderstorms in places during the afternoon and early evening. Some spots will avoid these and escape drier overall. Rather cloudy, murky early morning and where rain develops. Mostly light winds, an freshening southwesterly in the south later. Highs 18 to 22C.

Sunday night
Continued bursts of thundery rain will rumble on into the evening across northern regions, more scattered further south. These will tend to fizzle out, but some areas of heavy rain are likely to affect Scotland and eastern England through to dawn on Monday. A lot of cloud and murk, with some mist around in places. Winds mostly light, although a southwesterly breeze will be fresh near southern coasts. Temperatures staying mild, lows 10 to 13C for most.

Remnants of the weekend's downpours will linger across northern Britain & Ireland, with a risk of further persistent rain for Scotland, plus some thundery downpours brewing up once more. A few locally heavy and perhaps thundery showers for England & Wales, but a generally better day with sunny spells. However, as low pressure moves in from the Atlantic, heavy rain sets in for southwest England & Wales by evening. Light winds during the day will increase later in south. Highs 17 to 22C.

An unsettled day as low pressure spirals across Britain. Areas of heavy showers as well as longer spells of rain across the country. The most prolonged heavy rain across central and northern England, also Wales early in the day, then tending to break up into clusters of showers for Wales and the southwest, with a little sunshine later in the day here. Windy across southern Britain, risk of gales for a time around exposed coasts. Light winds in the north. Highs 14 to 20C.

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