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UK Forecast - June 22, 2022
Thundery, heavy showers
Warm & muggy

Thundery, heavy showers will drift northwards up from the Channel on Thursday reaching southern English counties initially during the morning then into parts of Wales and central England during the afternoon into evening. A largely dry day with sunny spells is expected throughout Scotland and northern England. Much of Ireland and Northern Ireland too staying dry though some counties could see some showery rain developing later in the day. Highs at a very warm 25 to 27C across much of central and southern England into Wales, 17 to 23C further north and west.

Thursday Night
Overnight, these showers turn more widespread across central and western regions of England up through parts of Scotland, though many places will have a dry night across the UK, particularly eastern regions of England. Meanwhile, spells of rain push eastwards across west and south Ireland with some patchy rain affecting some eastern counties but mainly dry here. Lows at a muggy 11 to 15C.

Low pressure is expected to be close to Northern Ireland on Friday with cloud and rain expected to spread from west to east across Ireland and Northern Ireland and on across western areas of the rest of the UK. Meanwhile, sunny spells and showers continue across central and eastern England as well as Scotland, heavy and perhaps thundery in places. Drier through many southeastern English counties where it will feel warm still with highs here up to 25C, more widely between 16 and 22C.

Low pressure still dominant on Saturday giving an unsettled day for some, though many places further centrally and further east do look more likely to see a drier morning. The wettest weather is expected through Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the rest of western UK regions throughout the day where showers could be heavy and perhaps thundery. Expect it to be breezy too. The afternoon could see heavier rain push up from the Channel region and affect southeastern regions of England. Highs at 21 to 24C in the east, 16 to 20C further west.

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