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UK Forecast - August 04, 2017
Thundery downpours Saturday
Cool Saturday night

A westerly flow across the British Isles pushes clusters of showers eastwards. These are likely to affect Wales and the Midlands, giving heavy bursts of rain, and local thunderstorms with possible hail. The downpours will drift into eastern counties in the afternoon. Showers also affect Scotland & Northern Ireland. The best chance for staying dry is in the far south, and also in northern England. Breezy on the south coast. Highs 17 to 22C.

Saturday night
A ridge of high pressure builds from the south-west. Residual showers in the evening will tend to fade from most places, although one or two may continue around coasts in the west & north. Clearing skies for many areas and winds dropping light inland. Dropping cool, overnight temperatures 9 to 12C, but nearer 7C in rural areas in the west and north; lowest values in Highland Scotland locally below 5C.

Low pressure and fronts moving in from the west bring rain to Ireland, spreading increasingly to north-western areas of Britain through the day. Meanwhile, central, southern and eastern regions are likely to stay dry all day with a good amount of sunshine, although turning hazy and cloud thickening from the west. A south-westerly wind will freshen, strongest around Irish Sea coasts. Highs 15 to 18C north & west, 20 to 23C south & east.

A shallow area of low pressure influences Britain & Ireland. Fronts are expected to become slow-moving across central regions, bringing a risk of persistent rain for many hours for central, western & northern England & Wales. Showery for Ireland & Scotland. Very little rain may reach the south-east, where some hazy sun is possible, and feeling warm and humid here. Winds fairly light. Highs 16 to 22C, coolest where rain lingers.