UK Forecast - May 03, 2024
Thunderstorms for some
warm and sunny with showers

Saturday 04 May
Cloudy to start across from Antrim to Dumfries, all of Highland to Fife and Borders with scattered showers during the morning Antrim to Dmfries, also across Highland durng the afternoon, becoming warm with sunshine 12 to 14C Highland to Western Isles. Cloudy for northern England, Cumbria to Clwyd, Cheshire to Yorkshire and Humberside, scattered showers through the day along with sunshine as cloud breaks during the afternoon 15C Cheshire 16 to 18C into Lincolnshire. Across remainder of England and Wales dry start with sunshine, scattered showers developing during the afternoon, 12 to 14C generally locally 16C across Lincolnshire.

Saturday night
Scattered showers continuing for a time into the evening though with cloud breaking for many across England and Wales 10 to 12C early evening. Remaining generally cloudy overnight across Scotland with showers continuing, dry with variable cloud elsewhere 5 to 7C

Sunday 05 May
A dry start for most with sunshine Cumbria through Powys to Somerset, across to Northumberland and towards Buckinghamshire 10 to 13C, sunshine and scattered showers through the morning with showers becoming widespread and prolonged to heavy at times during the afternoon across Fife, Antrim to Highland, Cumbria to Yorkshire, Worcestershire over to Leicestershire, Somerster to Cornwall through to Kent 14 to 16C generally up to 18C Cheshire to Clwyd. Showers continuing into the evening Glamorgan to Staffordshire, with showers widespread overnight.

Monday 06 May
A day of sunshine and showers, showers widespread for most through the day, showers prolonged and often heavy, 12 to 14C locally 16C for north Wales and sw Scotland.