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UK Forecast - August 06, 2019
Sunshine and showers
Heavy rain again by Friday

A breezy day with sunshine and showers for England & Wales - these locally frequent for a few hours, but quite hit and miss, becoming focused on eastern counties into the afternoon, whilst western areas tend to become drier. Areas of heavy rain affect Scotland, persistent over the Highlands in particular, but a zone of rain may also affect the Borders. Showery across Ireland. Top temperatures 24C in southeast England, to 22C in the Midlands, 17 to 19C north & west.

Wednesday night
Some residual showers will continue across Scotland and some western coasts, but most will fade leaving much of Britain and Ireland dry into the night. Cloud breaking to give clear spells at times. Winds falling light. Local mist patches forming in low-lying valleys. Temperatures dipping cooler than recent nights, 12 to 14C in towns and cities, but nearer 10C or just below in rural areas, and Scottish glens dipping to 7C or locally colder.

The British Isles briefly lies between weather systems, and many places in central England & Wales should stay dry all day. A risk of showers breaking out inland across northern Britain and Ireland, which may cluster together locally for a time in the afternoon. Fronts approaching from Biscay bring rain to southwest England by afternoon into evening, turning heavy and becoming more extensive into the night. Light winds, freshening later. Highs 19 to 25C, warmest southeast.

Fronts will sweep northwards, associated with low pressure centred to the southwest. A spell of heavy rainfall for many places, with a risk of local thunder. The most persistent falls transferring into Scotland through the day, whilst a rash of heavy showers will move across England & Wales from the southwest. Blustery winds, risk gusting gale force around exposed southwestern coasts. Highs 17 to 23C.

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