UK Forecast - November 04, 2016
Sunshine & showers, snow hills
Chilly Bonfire Night

Low pressure centred over the North Sea produces a strong and cold northerly wind across the British Isles, gusting gale force in the north-east. Showers will be draped around coasts in the north, east & far west, locally banding together to give frequent rain. Snow over the hills in the north, focused on the Cairngorms & Cheviots. Meanwhile, central & southern regions will be mainly dry with bright sunshine. Highs 7 to 10C.

Saturday night
Showers continue to affect coastal regions in the north & east into the evening and night, some spreading well inland. Snow over northern hills. Bands of showers in far west of Wales, and around the north & west of Ireland. Most inland and central regions stay largely dry, with frequently clear skies. Feeling cold in blustery winds, strongest around coasts. Temperatures soon falling to 2 to 5C, dipping to zero in sheltered spots.

A northerly wind continues, strongest near east coast. Frequent showers spreading inland across east & north-eastern counties - squally bursts of rain and hail, risk of thunder, snow over hill tops. Shower bands also likely to affect west & north Wales. A few showers may reach central & southern England. Mainly dry western Scotland & N.Ireland. Bright sunshine away from showers. Cold, just 6 to 9C, but wind chill close to freezing.

A cold and strong north to north-easterly wind. Bands of heavy showers around eastern coasts, but some squally bursts are likely to extend inland across East Anglia, perhaps into the Midlands. Possible hail and thunder. Local shower bands may also clip west & north Wales, also Cornwall. Central-southern counties, plus north-western Britain will be mainly dry with sunshine. Local frost in the morning. Highs 7 to 10C.

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